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Lady Gaga inspired Halloween party ideas for teens

Halloween party ideas for teens

Halloween is on the way and all of us are trying to come up with different and innovative ways to make the Halloween party rock. Halloween party is for kids, teens and adults alike. Of course, the party themes change according to age group. Kids love Halloween parties that have lot of fun element and adults and teens look forward to parties that are exciting and fun. So are you struggling for ideas for a Halloween bash for young adults? The usual Dracula or other spooky Halloween parties look a big old, right. How about having a Halloween theme party with Lady Gaga in focus? You can have all the personal touches that are required to make the party extra cool on this Halloween. Right from costumes, food, party invitations, games and of course music, you can have the complete theme working out for you. So, check out this easy way to make your Lady Gaga Halloween party memorable and fun.

Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas

Well, the most important thing in a Halloween party is the costume. To dress as Lady Gaga you definitely need an outfit, but you also need an attitude to carry it off. If you are bold enough, then you can wear a body suit along with a belt and stockings as a Halloween costume. You can even go for the eighties style mini dress in a latex wet look. However, a cat suit is also going to be great. All you need to complete the look is the right accessories. You can include accessories like blonde wig, biker gloves, something lacey, a completely unusual head dress, disco sticks, large sunglasses and face paint.

Party decorations

Lady Gaga Halloween party means lots of color. Along with it you will need lot of mirrors as well. This will help you create the feel of eighties. You will also need a bubble machine and a disco ball. You don’t need to overspend on your party decorations. You can always collect things from the flea market or even borrow from friends. To add color to the walls, drape it with some colorful fabrics.

Lady Gaga Halloween party invitations

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga then you would probably be familiar with the term ‘little monsters’. How about incorporating it into your party invitations? You can always take the help of Facebook to give out the invitations. However, if you want to give out the physical type, then there are a number of options available. You can use the silhouette shape of Gaga and make it into an invitation. Or you can get some cheap party favor type sunglasses and attach a tag and make it into an invitation or if you are fond of cooking, then a cupcake invitation is also going to be great.

Party food

Food is another important aspect of any party and the same goes for the Halloween party as well. You can get mini size pizzas and make monster faces to give the Halloween touch. You can also serve ice-cream for dessert with add-ons. Just sprinkle some crushed cookies and give your Halloween dessert a dirty look. You can also serve colorful drinks with little touch ups of lime and grenadine.

Halloween party games

Your Halloween party will not be complete with fun games to keep the party alive and kicking. You can have a dance game by playing the hot favorite tracks of Lady Gaga. The first person who stops dancing loses in the game. Or you can even award the best dancer in the party. Another great party game is karaoke. Simply borrow a karaoke machine and get your party animals to sing to Lady Gaga. The other great idea is musical charades. To give the Halloween twist, go for Lady Gaga tracks. Glow stick hunt is also a great option. Your guests can enjoy searching for glow sticks in the dark and whoever find the least number of sticks has to dance.

So, now you have all the Lady Gaga Halloween party ingredients in place. All you need now is to play all the things right and you will have a blast. Remember, it is not about spending money to have an awesome party, but being tactful. Borrow some stuff, make your own Halloween costumes and become the chef for the day. You have a great party to look forward to.

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