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Knowing different types of home siding

Home siding is the outer cover of an abode the purpose of which is shedding water and protecting it against the effects of varied kinds of weather. A good quality siding can preserve your dwelling much longer compared to if left open to the elements. House sidings offer both protection and style.

Functionality wise, house siding prevents external elements from demolishing your abode through wind, rain and damp. Some siding options have excellent thermal properties that help in reducing your total energy costs too. With respect to style, there are different shapes, looks and colours of exterior sidings available in the market.

Home siding and its variegated types

From the time-tested rustic look of cedar shakes to the low-maintenance reliability of vinyl siding, there is a material, which complements the personality of your home and fits your lifestyle too. Below is a list of the most favoured home sidings that is luring customers.


The thing that makes wood sliding a favoured choice among homeowners is its natural look and inexpensive price tag. The types include wood plank, cedar, rectangular plank, hardwood/composition, plywood and clapboard. However, this type of siding is one of the least utilized today as this does not function well in harsh climate conditions as well as is at the kindness of outdoor critters.


This is the most widely used home siding. It does not offer insulation to your home unless you need it. The low maintenance, ease of installation and low cost need for the maintenance of Vinyl siding makes it a popular choice. Now it is available in a greater variety of textures and range of colors, and offers better resistance to damage and heat than earlier versions.


The composite siding is accessible in various materials such as asphalt, aluminium and fiber cement. Available in boards or shingles, you can install it like wood and comes with various types of trim. As this siding is crafted in diverse shapes and trims, you can utilize it with different accessories and an installer is better capable to customize a feel to the homeowner’s terms and conditions.

Cedar impressions:

The cedar impression is molded from the shingles of real cedar wood and offers the feel and look of natural wood shingles devoid of the maintenance which wood generally needs.


Here are some of the most favoured home siding choices available. Irrespective of what siding you select, it is essential to get one that best suits the weather conditions in and around your home.

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