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Unique ideas for storage in a small space

<![CDATA[Do you want to use your small room or living room for storage? Do you wish to use your apartment to store all of your possessions in an organized and orderly way? Check out these tips to utilize your space in an effective way and to do more with less space:


Decorate and Store:

If you have a collection of items like books, magazines or any decorative pieces like glasses or candles, create your own tiny shelved area with small lights and store your things in a way that they look good in your living room or hall.



Rid yourself and your house of all the extra possessions that you do not need now. Throw away old boxes, give away your old clothes and sell your old furniture. It is hardly possible that you will need things that you have not been using for the last two to three years.


Stack your DVDs:

Create CD storage around your TV for easy accessibility. Create your own small TV area by stacking all your DVDs and CDs in organized numbers.

Use Kitchen Space:

Kitchens can be a good area to store all your dishes and utensils in small multiple cabinets. Store your coffee mugs, glasses and even cooking books in the kitchen to use that space.


Multiply your space:

One way to store more in a small space is to add shelves or buy furniture with many drawers and cupboards. This multiplies utilizable space that you can use within a small area. Buy furniture with shelve division from the bottom to the top.


Inbuilt Cabinets:

Many coffee tables and dining tables come with inbuilt state of the art cabinets that serve dual purposes of eating and storage. Store your drinks, food, magazines or books in these cabinets.


Stack Books:

Books and magazines can be easily stacked onto one another. In short, organize your things into a pile that of stuff that can be contained in your apartment.


Use Closets Wisely:

Do regular cleanups of your closet and throw away clothes that are short, torn or old. This will create a new space that you can utilize for adjusting other things in your possession.


Built storage in couches:

Many couches have started to come with their own inbuilt storage under the cushions that is handy to store items like bed-sheets and pillows, etc.


With these ideas, you can do much more with any small corner of your home. Weigh up your priorities and save space by keeping only the most important stuff in your room.]]>


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