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Kids’ plummeting handwriting: Is new-age technology to be blamed?

With technology making fast inroad into our lives, even handwriting is losing its charm and beauty. The younger generation is getting rapidly inclined towards new age gadgets like computers, laptops etc. These are nothing but ominous warning of how kids are getting drifted to technological aids over pen and paper. Therefore, in view of National handwriting day i.e on 23rd January, parents need to keep alive the importance of Handwriting and hand written pieces among their kids.

Generic shift from pen and paper

Those days seems to have gone, when kids were seen scribbling on paper. This drastic shift can also be attributed to gradual change in people’s attitude and mindset. Much can also be directly linked to the casual approach parents; they are too lenient in even encouraging their kids to pick up pen, keep on writing for better and improved handwriting.

Schools around the world, in most of the developed and developing nation, presents a much clearer and distinct picture. Traditional blackboards are being replaced by LCD screen, projectors at a rapid rate. Keeping oneself abreast with technology is always a smart idea. But leaving one’s basics half cooked is does not sound that bright or interesting. Today, kids find typing on word processors more exciting and interesting than jotting down on paper with pen.

Interestingly, in the Apple of Tomorrow (ACOT) report, students gave thumbs up to word processing. The students mainly preferred computers since they could sport their errors on spot, which resulted in more refined and correct results. They also committed lesser mistakes in spelling, grammar, capitalization etc. This went to improve the overall output compared to what they generally produce.

What can be done?

Technology has pushed the utility of pen on paper under the pump, which eventually is a having an adverse effect on handwriting. Yet the ground is not all lost. For certain purpose and occasions, written contents are still preferred, which demands better and crisper handwriting. The tide of technology has carried kids away from pen; yet parents can approach this trend with tact and thought. This might reinstate pens in kid’s hand and improve their handwriting.

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