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Key things your realtor might not tell you

Realtors are not people who are famous for their honesty. So, you must keep a number of things in mind while dealing with realtors. There are some things they hide to up their profit quotient. Learning about these matters will help you turn the deal to your benefit. So, here’s a list of things he doesn’t like to share with you:

Realtors aren’t a necessity

A good broker can provide a lot of useful guidance and help you in smoothly going through the process of buying or selling a house. But they are not a necessary element. They like to make a lot of hype about the importance of their profession declaring that it is a complex business best left in the hands of the experts. Quite a few homeowners successfully choose to do their own selling. The most important factors while selling a house are the pricing and the advertising. Hiring an appraiser is a good option. You will save a good percentage by doing the job yourself.

The fees are negotiable

The percentage charged by the broker is not a fixed quantity even if he’d like you to believe that it is. It should vary according to the market scenario but usually doesn’t because the realtor gives the impression that the commission is set in stone. In a competitive market the brokers have to fight against other brokers which could be used as a tactic in asking them to lower their commission.

Also, if they are led to believe that there could be return business or that they can learn of a few good contacts from amongst your friend circle, it would give him an added impetus to rethink their fee. You should definitely shop around to find a realtor that suits you and offers you the best deal.

Not a great secret-keeper

When you confide in about your property details, pricing and moving time with your realtor, there’s no guarantee that he won’t share it with the other parties. It’s better to keep silent about some things instead of over-sharing.

Open house is for the broker’s benefit

You hire a broker to sell your house and the first thing he suggests you is host a party so that you can meet potential buyers. The fact is that he’s hoping to meet his future clients at this get-together and he’s planning to do it at your expense.

What you see isn’t what you get

There might be termites in the house you are buying, or there could be trouble with wiring. The park in front of your new house that you adore so much could be replaced with a parking lot. You can never be sure about such these unless you ask the right questions and even if you inquire  there’s a chance that the answers could be untrue and appeasing.


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