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Keeping your toddler safe during Halloween

Let October 31 come, one of the most waited days of the year, and you have reason to scare everyone around. Children do not wish to miss the occasion filled with all sorts of trick-or-treating, haunted attractions and nonstop pranks. But, ghosts and monsters are not the only highlights of Halloween. If there are toddlers around, you have to be extremely cautious. You would not want the enjoyment to be downsized by any mishap or untoward incident. Children being extremely unpredictable, it is essentially important to take necessary precautions when planning the fun time.

Indoor party can be relatively safer than a grand outdoor one. Be aware of the potential hazard and dangers which might cause trouble to your child. You would not want the fun time to be transformed into a mess. To enjoy a safe and fun-filled experience, a little planning is needed. The following guidelines should help you in preparing for your special occasion.

Customized costume

Your child’s costume can be used to track him/her at all times during the party. Try to get a costume which gives your child a different look, one which can be easily traced in public. If your child is too particular about his/her costume (like many children including mine), do not worry. Use your creativity to modify the costume a little (but within limits so that your child does not reveal any aversion). You can use reflective tapes and laces to give unique appeal to the costume. The “flame resistant” costumes are a good option. Do not go for lousy costumes. Choose one which is not too long. Your child may not be able to handle the long falls. Long hems can cause your child to fall. Trim the costume if desired. Opt for a comfortable dress even if it is not attractive enough.

The mask

Try to avoid the mask altogether (if only you can convince your child). For a small child, it can be uncomfortable and suffocating. A better option is to use nontoxic face paint. The cumbersome mask will be more of a show than utility. A non-toxic makeup can accomplish the job equally well.


This being very popular among children, it would be good if you plan ahead. Prompt your children to choose a neighborhood. Visit homes which you know before-hand and keep away from stopping at dark houses. Stay out of backyards and pets. Avoid sending kids alone. Make groups of children and include an adult supervision, if possible. Do not hesitate accompanying them, if they are small enough. It is a good idea to carry a flashlight or have your kids hold glow sticks. You may plan your route ahead of time. If your child can manage his pocket-money well, give him/her some money. This shall allow making a phone call in case need arises.

No running

Strictly avoid running around. If there is no sidewalk, keep to your left. A Halloween night is risky for the kids traveling on the roads being struck by any vehicle. While walking, be aware of your surroundings. Follow traffic signals for safety. Do not accept invitations for rides from strangers.

Check out

The hard or gummy candies can be troubling for small children. They may possibly lead to choking. Do not allow your children to eat any such candies. Sugar is abundant in the menu during the Halloween. You can reduce (or limit) the intake by properly feeding them before-hand to avoid excessive gobbling. Avoid eating candies having loose wrappings or with puncture holes.

You would want that perfect ‘adorable kid-in-a-costume shot’ to remember the event for a lifetime. But remember that safety surpasses all essentials. Let your child enjoy the Halloween night with great enthusiasm but do not compromise on the safety of your child.

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