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Japanese seafood giants asked to help stop whaling

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The endangered fin whales, humpback whales and the minke whales are ending their lives on the platters of expensive Japanese restaurants. The Japanese demand for whale flesh as a delicacy is responsible for the whaling expeditions of the country in the whale sanctuary around Antarctica that might wipe out the entire whale population from the oceans of our planet.

In an effort to save these wonderful mammals from extinction, the Humane Society International, the Environmental Investigation Agency and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have urged the Japanese seafood giants Nippon Suisan, Kyokuyo and Maruha to use their influence on the government of Japan to put an end to whaling.

The efforts made by the conservationists are indeed laudable but the question remains will their request have any effect on the seafood companies. It is same as asking the sponsors of the hunters to ask their hunters to stop hunting. The Japanese seafood companies earn huge profit from selling whale-food. To stop whaling would mean that these companies have to sacrifice a huge chunk of their profit.

The Japanese seafood companies or the government of Japan is encouraging whaling only to cater to the demand of the people of Japan. Whale meat is not only a delicacy in the country but also a sign of class and culture in Japan. Only if the people of Japan stopped consuming whale meat can these mammals be saved from extinction. Whale conservationists should instead appeal to the people of Japan to stop eating whale flesh. Only if the demand for whale-food ceases in the country is it possible to save whales in the North Pacific Sea and Antarctica whale sanctuary from extinction.

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