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Inspiring women in history who led a revolt

th or the 20th century, there are records of such women before 1000AD as well. Trung Sisters

Trung Sisters

Image Source : NonfictionMinute.Com The bravery of the sisters dates back between 12 and 43 AD. TrungTrac and her younger sister TrungNhi showed extraordinary valor and fought the Chinese. The Chinese had overpowered the forces and captured Vietnam. Even today, the people in Vietnam regard them as national protagonists. As per the cultural Vietnamese account, the Trung sisters were born in a military family and were taught warfaresince childhood. The Trungsisters formed an army, which is said to have a majority of women. This army fought the Chinese and expelled them from Vietnam. Manuela Beltrán

Manuela Beltran

Image Source : 2.Bp.Blogspot.Com An intelligent Columbian woman, Manuela Beltran led the revolt against the excessive taxation in 1780. It was uncommon for a woman to be a literate, as only a very few people received education in those times., Beltran  was not only a literate but also ran a business, which was  again an uncommon feat for women, back then. People were excessively taxed by the Spanish rulers and they used this money to strengthen their army. On March 16, 1781, Beltran read out the new taxation document to a large number of people and explained its repercussions. The Spanish tricked the leaders of this movement including Beltran into a negotiation. The negotiation was a bluff to pacific them, later they were executed by the Spanish. VeluNachiyar


Image Source : Sivagangaiseemai.Com She was the first Indian woman to fight against the British, even before the famous Queenof Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai. Soldiers of the British army murdered her husband and his second wife, Rani Velu had to escape with her daughter. For eight years, she lived in the protection of Hyder Ali, the sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore in southern India, and built an army. With the help of Hyder Ali and Gopala Nayaker, VeluNachiyar defeated the British, regained her kingdom and remained a ruler for the next ten years until death. One of Velu’s confidants Kuyili became the first human bomb. Kuyili dipped herself in oil and set herself ablaze, ran into a British ammunition store and destroyed it. Rani Velu built a women army against the British. The army was named after her adopted daughter Udaiyaal, who died while destroying a British arsenal in the revolt. There are a large number of incidents when women fought for their rights fearless to protect the people around them. Their stories give strength to many, especially women, who fight for justice even today.]]>


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