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<![CDATA[Who doesn’t like the taste of success? But it takes more than just a normal something. Some people gather all they have, tinker and there they go!

Turning self into human camera


Image Source : Cdnfnd.Filmsnotdead.Netdna-Cdn.Com

Usually people use a camera for what is outside but two art students, Luke Evans and Joshua Lake, turned themselves into a living camera which took pictures of what goes inside the human body. After scanning the pictures which came out of the body with an electron microscope, some interesting facts and pictures were found.

Butterfly Wings makes his dreams alive


Image Source : ArtWithWings.Weebly.Com

Vadim Zaritsky, who was a former police officer but now he is an entomologist, collects dead butterflies and uses their wings to paint landscapes and political faces. He thinks that it is better to use the beauty of nature’s most beautiful creature rather than to just let it fade away. He states that it takes a long time to complete one painting but it’s totally worth it.

Black dots to express emotions


Image Source : OddityCentral.Com

This Spanish artist with an incredible patience is inspired by some of the greatest artists in human history and portrays the theme of love, childhood and disappointment. His approach is simple yet creative. He adds a thousand dots together to form and image. His creations are very detailed and each of them is a masterpiece in itself.

Fun fingers on iPod turned himinto an artist

Image Source : Sylvainlamothe.Blogspot.In

Japanese artist Seikou Yamaoka used a cheap app and his fingertips during a long commute train to create these masterpieces. These images look like a real canvas paintings but in reality they are not. Everyone who looked at them could not believe that all these paintings are digital.

Favorite Bicycle Tire finds Track to Famous Landmarks

Image Source : Fubiz.Net

The brilliant art of Thomas Yang has only one message-“Keep calm and ride on.” He has used his passion to reveal his inner artist. His work is very clean, price, graceful and now worldwide famous.

Feather Art by Julie Thompson

Image Source : Yerf.Metafur.Org

She is one dedicated artist who can give her 18 hours on average to one single painting. Julie Thompson is self-taught wildlife artist who unbelievably paints the birds on their own silky feathers inspite of a canvas.

Chris Maynard creating flock of birds

Image Source : Curated.Stampede-Design.Com

How many birds can you imagine out of one feather? Sounds weird? Well Chris Maynard can create as many birds he wishes from a single feather. He creates the images of flying 3D birds in different shapes using eye surgery instruments.

Turning things around you into a masterpiece makes one a real artist. You don’t need expensive canvas and pastels, all you need is creativity and use what you have.]]>


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