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Ideas that make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter

Not many of us are privileged to have bathrooms in our homes that are as big as any other room with big bathtubs and dressers inside. Well, no doubt, our small bathrooms are a lot cozier than the bigger ones, but they are at time claustrophobic too.

Adding physical spaces to them is not possible because of the lack of space but doing a bit more organizing and creating an illusion of a bigger bathroom is possible any day. Here are some tips that can help you make your otherwise small bathroom appear big and bright:

De-clutter your bathroom

Clutter is the biggest enemy of space, as in it makes a space look much smaller than its actual size. Your bathroom is small and the clutter lying there makes it appear even smaller. Therefore, make it a point to de-clutter your bathroom and allow it become breathable. Never assemble all your beauty products on the vanity, try to store them in the cabinet. The more things you will display, the smaller your bathroom will appear.

Install mirrors

Mirrors on the walls look fabulous in bathrooms but this is not the only purpose they serve, they make your small bathroom appear bright and big as well. They reflect light and make the small space appear bigger. You must learn the strategic placement of mirrors, place few small two or three mirrors in the room or one big mirror on the entire one wall. Install one mirror on the opposite side of the window, which will receive light coming from the window and reflect it back in the bathroom.

Wall cabinets over floor cabinets

Floor cabinets in a small bathroom do not look good and they restrict the already small space. Therefore, remove floor cabinets and go for the wall cabinets, doing so offers a good deal of free floor space, thus making the bathroom space big. Floating shelves besides bathtub or the sink are some other good ideas to consider.

Let some light in

Light is one thing whose absence makes even a big place look small, and enough of it makes the small spaces look bigger. Install good light fixtures, especially to lighten and brighten up the low-light corners of your bathroom. If possible, allow maximum of natural light to come in by keeping windows open, and closed with the opaque glasses.

Paint a monochromatic tone

You should never try to play with colors in a small bathroom, as in doing one wall some other color and the rest of the walls with some other color. Painting ceiling with the same color of walls is a trick that makes a small bathroom appears big and bright.

Say bye to visual obstructions

Visual obstructions in bathrooms like bathroom curtains of dark colors, or the frosted-glass shower door make the already small space look even smaller and cramped. Try to eliminate all such visual obstructions, for instance install a transparent shower door and hang a light color shower curtain.

Color it light

Dark colors looks fabulous in bathrooms but not in the smaller ones. Small sized bathrooms call for light colors, be it the color of tiles or the color of walls, it has to be light. Light colors reflect light, thus making your small bathroom look bright and big.

Small bathrooms at times feel so cramped and claustrophobic that one feels like breaking them down and adding some more space to them. However, in majority of the cases, dismantling is no option, and tricks that make a bathroom appear bright and big come to rescue.


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