6 Cemeteries around the world that are quite unusual

Underwater Cemetery in Miami, USA

Underwater Cemetery in Miami, USA

Image Source : FoxNews.Com What do you do when you run out of burial ground on land? Simple, you move over to the sea like the astonishing Neptune Memorial Reef Underwater Cemetery in Miami. Also called as the Atlantis Memorial Reef, this underwater mausoleum is the largest man made reef in the world that has the capacity to hold more than 125000 remains. Stretching for over 16 acres, the underwater cemetery is truly a unusual place to bury the dead. Merry Cemetery in Romania

jk-L7-05735 The Merry Cemetery protected by UNESCO (Sapanta Vill

Image Source : Travel-Images.Com Cemeteries are usually gloomy and serious. Not the Merry Cemetery though. Located in Romania, this one of a kind cemetery defies everything that is associated with a traditional cemetery, starting with the colors. Adopting a joyful attitude towards death, the entire cemetery is painted in vibrant colors. Designed by local artist Stan Loan Patras, the colorful tombstones also depict poetic paintings that describe the scenes in the lives of the people buried underneath them. Monumental Cemetery, Milan

Monumental Cemetery, Milan

Image Source : NbcNews.Com

This artistic cemetery looks frozen in time. The tombstones of the monumental cemetery are given company by artistic sculptures depicting motion, peace, love, reverie and what not! The entire cemetery gives off a profound artistic vibe that makes the entire place look like one giant open air theater for these statues. Hanging Coffins in Philippines

Hanging Coffins in Philippines

Image Source : TheGypsy.Org Trust the Philippines to come up with its own version of an unusual cemetery. This particular cemetery features hanging coffins, which is actually a 2000 year old tradition of the Segada people who live in the region. The coffins are hollowed out logs into which the bodies of the dead are placed. These coffins are then buried in the cliffs and look like they are dangling in midair. Cimetieres des Chiens in Seine

Cimetieres des Chiens in Seine

Image Source : Grangeburn│Flickr
The Climetiere des Chiens is the oldest cemetery in the world for pets. That’s right. The cemetery was built for the sole purpose of cremating the beloved pets of individuals who feel that their best friends need a more decent burial ground than the backyard or the dumpster. While here, you can catch a glimpse of the tombstone of the American dog Rin Tin Tin who has acted in many Hollywood movies. Cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers in Rome

Cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers in Rome

Image Source : EstateVaults.Com Walk into this cemetery and you will do a double take for sure. The Cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers lies beneath the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rome. What stands out as most unusual about this cemetery is that its walls, frescos, altars, chandeliers and other wall decorations are made entirely of the skulls and bones of deceased monks. Looking more like the catacombs of Paris, the cemetery would surely give you the creeps. Cemeteries are usually considered spooky places. But there are some cemeteries around the world that are considered artistically mysterious for their design and exhibits. Rather than being places of mourning, these cemeteries serve as tourist attractions for many.]]>


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