How to select the right diaper for your baby

What can be so hard about choosing a diaper for a baby? Just walk into the nearest department store, check the size of the diaper that corresponds to your kid’s age and grab a handful of them. If you think that’s all it takes to buy a baby diaper, then you are so very wrong! For there’s a lot more to buying the perfect diaper for your baby than the three steps mentioned above. Read on to find out what!

Never buy in bulk

Most parents do this mistake of stocking up an entire suitcase with diapers before their baby is even born. How will you know how much your baby weighs, or how big or small he/she would be until the actual delivery, or whether the diaper you bought would be comfortable for him/her? If any one of these questions come out negative, then you would be filling up an entire trash can with those diapers you bought.

Always make it a point to buy baby diapers just before your baby is born. This way, you would be able to at least guess his/her weight and buy accordingly. Our advice; stock up on a handful of newborn sized diapers for the initial days after which you can switch to the next size.

Choose the diaper according to its absorbency

There are several products out there in the market that promise ultimate absorbency and comfort. The truth however, is far from it. While most of these diapers would start leaking after just an hour or so, some would not be able to absorb the moisture properly, leading to diaper rashes.

Go through a few diaper brands before zeroing in on the one that delivers what it promises. A diaper that is able to keep the moisture away from your baby’s skin for extended periods is considered the best option to keep diaper rashes away and your baby comfortable and happy.

Choose the diaper according to its comfort factor

Your baby should feel absolutely comfortable in the diaper. And this comfort can be derived from several qualities. Accordingly, the material of the diaper should be soft on your baby’s skin. The diaper should be leak proof but should not be too tight around your infant’s legs.

The diaper should also fit your baby snugly without causing any scratches and chaffing in the process. The edges of the diaper should be seamless to avoid rashes. And the securing tabs need to stick firmly, and not poke or scratch your infant’s skin. All these qualities need to be checked before buying the diaper.

Choosing Cloth Diapers

Parents who wish to expose their babies to minimal synthetic materials can opt for cloth diapers that are extremely soft and easy to use when compared to the normal ones. However, there are certain things you need to know about cloth diapers before opting for them. For one, these diapers rate low on the maintenance end, and need to be cleaned repeatedly (and properly) to be reused. They can be used a number of times though when compared to synthetic diapers that need to be thrown away after use. And disposing of cloth diapers is much easier than their synthetic counterparts which often end in landfills and pose threats to the ecosystem.


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