How to get rid of baby’s dry skin during winter

get rid of baby’s dry skin during winter

Winter can take a toll on the skin of your little one. Hence, he/she needs some extra care and attention from you during the cold months. Here are a few ways through which you can treat the dry skin of your baby and prevent further damage to it throughout this period. Check them out:

Keep the Body Hydrated

First of all, keep your baby hydrated from inside. Temperature and dry air are two main culprits that can leave your little one with flaky skin and irritating throat. Keep a close eye on the fluid intake of your infant and make sure that he/she gets necessary hydration from it. If your child is a bit older, give him/her smoothies, soups, fruit pulps, etc.

Moisturize the Skin Properly

Winter snatches away the moisture from the skin of your baby. As a result, it becomes dry and crumbling. In order to treat it effectively as well as prevent it from getting drier, try to keep it moisturized all the time. Replace the baby soaps with fragrance-free hand cleansers that are gentle on the skin of your little one and do not cause itching. Also, keep a good-quality baby cream handy that will restore the moisture each time he/she gets a hand wash.

Check Your Indoor Air

All of us try our best to keep our babies protected from the harsh outdoor wind of winter. But have you ever considered the effects of indoor air? Well, the indoor air also remains quite dry during this season and hence, it can steal the moisture from the soft skin of your child too. It is of utmost importance that you install a cool-mist humidifier on the registry of your baby and prevent the indoor air from getting extremely dehydrated during winter.

Make Smart Choices for Bathing

Never go for hot water while bathing your baby. Warm water is the best choice to retain the natural moisturizer of his/her skin and keep it soft as well as supple. Reduce the tub time to 8-10 minutes in order to stay away from itching and parchedness. Moreover, you should never rub the skin of your little one after bath. Rather, pat his/her skin dry gently.

Create A Barrier to the Skin

Finally, provide maximum protection to his/her skin by creating a barrier of a protective balm to it. You must apply it to every part of the skin of your baby that is open to the air. It will prevent those areas from being chapped and keep them soft and beautiful at the same time.

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