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How Does Family Life Influence a Child’s Educational Achievement?

When speaking of a child’s educational achievement, there a number of factors that play important roles. The intellect of the child, his companions, teachers, the quality of education imparted to him, and so on. However, one crucial factor that we fail to consider is the background of the child.

The family which they come from, and the kind of atmosphere at home has a big hand in molding their character and in shaping them as a person in the years to come. Having said that, there are a few important factors that have been known to greatly influence children’s academic performances and their achievements. Some of them are mentioned below:

Family Income:

The overall financial capacity of the family determines the type of school the child would attend, the neighborhood they will spend their time in, and the kind of friends they would make. Also, a good income opens doors for better resources. Children can attend better schools and afford the best quality of education and tutoring.

Given a good financial margin by parents, children can enroll themselves for extracurricular activities and various sports games. They can pursue their hobbies simultaneously with their studies. The result is a sharp mind, a healthy body, and better concentration at studies.

Educational Qualification of Parents:

Well-educated parents make sure they give their children a good quality education. They want their kids to study well and soar higher than them. They are willing to go to any extent to help their child achieve the same. Such a child has a better chance at life than one hailing from a family with comparatively less educated parents and family members.

This can be true the other way around too. People with less formal education realize the importance of studies and make sure their child is not deprived of good education. They want for their children what they themselves were denied and hence, they go beyond their means to avail good quality education for their children.

Structure of Family:

With most families comprising of parents and kids nowadays, it is both a pro and a con when it comes to influencing children’s academics. It leaves more room for them to focus better, and also creates a void for the attention of other family members.

For children with separated or divorced parents, the emotional trauma is on a totally different level. With such a situation at home, the child’s academic performance, without a doubt, will be hampered. Usually, such children are emotionally disturbed and are not able to reach their full potential.

Child abuse:

A matter mostly neglected and underestimated is child abuse. The emotional storm created within the child by horrid acts of abuse and molestation, even in the midst of family, is one thing children have a hard time coping up with.

Speaking for a kid with an innocent and naïve mind, it is next to impossible to focus on studies when all you are worried about is going back home to a family who physically, sexually, or verbally abuses you. School staff should keep an eye out for children posing such issue, and they should help them to recover at their earliest.


Peers and friends have always known to govern the thinking process of even adults, which means children are nowhere close to being excepted from this reality. Making sure your kid is hanging out in good company is the duty of every parent. This is to ensure that friends and friendships do not stand in the way of the child’s studies and his/her academic development.

After thoughts:

In spite of the above, there is no hard and fast rule that children with an unsuitable family background will definitely not perform well at school. There have been plenty of instances where students have realized the importance of their education and chose to rise despite their family differences.

The above factors are only a few of the many household ones, which are known to be influential as far as a child’s academic records are concerned. There are plenty more like personal dreams, and the educational ethics which also govern a kid’s performance at school. A boost at extracurricular activities and a little motivation from the family can take a child a long way as far as formal education is concerned.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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