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Adidas to launch new range of shoes made from recycled ocean plastic

Adidas has by now started working towards its commitment of treating the plastic waste and transforming it into high quality products. The products have already been introduced in the form of three newest editions of its most popular range, the ultra boost shoe, all made out of the debris which is found in the ocean. On an average, 11 plastic bottles are being reused for each pair. These include laces, linings on the heel, and sock liner all made entirely from recycled waste.

Creating an eco-friendly environment:

Adidas aims to reach the milestone of 11 million pairs of ultra Boost sports shoes in this year itself, all made out of plastic waste found in the ocean. This is not the first time that Adidas is using recycled materials in its production. The German sportswear previously created sustainable cotton and polyester, but unlike the ultra Boost sneakers, these were produced on the smaller scale.

Jerseys and running sneakers were the first ones to be mass produced out of plastic waste and were unveiled by Adidas in the month of November. Even though the stock was limited, it still got a pretty good response from the customers. The ongoing plan of Adidas is to push this ultra Boost line further making it a sustainable line of sports shoes. To add to the ongoing effort of going green, Adidas has also replaced it’s plastic bags with paper bags at the retail stores and by doing so, it has successfully eliminated 70 million plastic bags.

Making the most of its power:

Adidas’s is also planning to spread the awareness about the ongoing damage that is being caused to one of the most important eco system on the planet, the ocean. Adidas strongly believes that this issue needs be addressed and is doing the best it can to educate the masses about it. According to Greg Thomsen, Managing Director, Adidas Outdoor US, more than 40 million pounds of plastic is floating in the north Pacific alone. This in itself is a big wake up call. As a global company, Adidas believes that it is their duty to make sure that they do everything in their power to bring about the much-needed changes.


Parley for the Oceans is an organization that raises awareness about the various challenges that are being faced when it comes to purifying the oceans. Adidas has partnered with the organization and since 2015 has stopped using plastic bags and has also eliminated the usage of plastic microbeads for making body care products. Even the employees have started going to the Parley Ocean school to learn the cleaning process and have started participating in the initiative.

New designs:

The new pair of sneakers, which are made out of plastic waste, reflect upon their support towards this cause along with delivering outstanding performance that they are known for. Also, the colours of all the three designs are directly inspired by the shades of the ocean which is blue.


As an attempt to keep up with its pro-environment message, Adidas had urged all the runners to participate in one of its digital run event along with Parley run for the oceans during the ongoing World’s Ocean Day week. Runners were asked to join forces with the ocean protection community and keep a track of their run in the mobile app between June 5 and 11.

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In the end, it is all about the shoes. It is about how comfortable they can be. Are they complementing your overall personality? Or are they making you feel better when you put them on? The top of these Parley for the Oceans Ultra Boost designs are knitted to help fit the shape of the foot perfectly. The bottoms of these shoes have small screens that help in draining water. They also helps in keeping your feet dry by acting as a sweat resistant. Adidas is also planning to launch an entire line of flip-flops along with shorts and tank tops in the Parley line. Most of the shoe companies have started coming up with innovative and experimental methods of manufacturing sneakers by capitalizing on the available technology that can help them to be pro-environment.

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