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Life is incomplete without things that make your home a better place to live in. Year after year, new equipments and designs make their way into our homes to make our living stylish and comfortable. So as you gear up to welcome 2012, we bring to you a collection of the best of the best furniture items, kitchen equipments, outdoor products and gadgets ideal for your home. So here is a list of 20 such items that made the year 2011 all the more special and worth remembering:

Wwoo Outdoor Kitchen

Wwoo Outdoor Modular Kitchen has been designed to impress by interior designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer. It makes outdoor cooking fun and makes sure you don’t spend a bomb to own one. The simple and practical design of Wwoo comprises of twelve wall elements, five posts, four shelves and eight loose kitchen worktops. The entire system has been crafted using concrete that makes the outdoor kitchen quite durable and stable. Lay the elements as per your requirements and add whatever you wish later.

Wwoo Outdoor Modular Kitchen can be customized according to the user’s whims and fancies. Each section has a width of 1.5 meters and is almost 2 meters high, but there is an option to get ones that are just 1.4 meters high. The basic version comes with Big Green Egg or Weber barbecue that will let you prepare scrumptious meals. Apart from this, the modular design also features a stainless steel basin with a tap and a stainless steel hearth that is detachable. So, get outside and enjoy the weather as you relish mouth watering meals cooked in the Wwoo Outdoor Modular Kitchen.

Hockey Wall Unit

Martin Pitonak got inspired from the shape of a hockey stick and used it to craft the Hockey Wall Unit. This design is a sure delight for not just hockey lovers but anyone who has a thing for style. The upper and lower part of the wall unit has been shaped like a hockey stick, which is absolutely mind-blowing.

The unit has been made using wood and has a plain facade. It is a multifunctional unit that is quite spacious and has to be wedged on the wall of a house. Place your television nicely between the two hockey stick shaped parts, while you store your DVDs, gaming consoles and even chargers inside the drawers and compartments. The stylish Hockey Wall Unit comes coated with minimalism and will blend perfectly with a contemporary setup.

Spiral Modular Furniture

Taking cue from spiral structures present in nature is designer Tori Adele Tschopp, who is the brains behind the Spiral Modular Furniture. The designer has given an all new appeal to modular furniture items by giving them an interesting shape. Tschopp has used wire as the base material to execute his design.

The form looks like an outsized spring and can be flexibly used to form a variety of furniture items. It is very strong with a height and width of 22 cm x 42 cm respectively. You can place a glass top on this modular unit and swap it into a beautiful coffee table, or keep a colorful cushion on the spring head and use it as a comfortable seat. Just let your imagination run and use it the way you want to by connecting different modules.

Coz by Twodesigners Studio

Here is a compact table that will not only prove to be a blessing in this jam-packed world, but will also add a lot of style to your interiors. Known as ‘Coz’, the attention-grabbing coffee table is a marvelous creation by Twodesigners Studio. It has a curvy silhouette that comprises of a coffee table and three sofas. The modish piece of furniture has been fabricated from metal bent and measures 45cm x 100cm x 120cm.

The sofas have been caked with brown colored fabric that blends perfectly with the white-colored table. The fabric used for the sofa has been cut at a few places, giving the design an interesting appeal. Coz will sprinkle a cool aura that will set a pleasant mood every time it is used. Read a book or chit-chat with friends, Coz will never fall short when it comes to laying an everlasting impression.

Olive Chair

Giving an all new definition to the bond between upholstery and fabric is the Olive Chair, which is a beautiful creation by Adi Tasa and Yoav Avinoam. The Israeli designer duo has made sure that the chair proves to be a great blend of comfort and style, while reviving traditional ways of furniture making. The base fabric used in this case is first molded and then steamed, after which pre-molded foam balls are added when it cools down.

Olive Chair has an amazing visual appeal because of its unusual texture, which is a result of its three dimensional structure. The chair comes wrapped in a lot of traditionalism, but still manages to give competition to modern-day furniture items with its innovative design.

Vax ev Vacuum Cleaner

‘Go Green’ is the new age slogan and embracing it tightly is Jake Tyler, a student of Loughborough University. He has ingeniously incorporated an Eco-friendly design in a vacuum cleaner named Vax ev. Unlike everyday vacuum cleaners that are made of plastic, Vax ev has been crafted using cardboard. Corrugated cardboard panels form the body of this sustainable vacuum cleaner, which can be easily replaced when damaged or worn out.

Simply place the panels around the motor housing and see it suck dust. The high performance vacuum cleaner is light in weight and easy to pull around the house. However, to increase the product’s longevity, it needs to be kept away from wet surfaces. Vax ev Vacuum Cleaner has been coated with flame resistant material and can be customized according to a user’s desires.

Orbital Food Organizer

What looks like a wheel out of the ‘Spin and Win’ game is in reality a concept named Orbital Food Organizer by designer Orcum Erdem. The design comprises of a microwave cooker and food storage unit that will encourage healthy eating in today’s fast paced world. It has various slots that can be used to store frozen foods and other cooked meals, thanks to its energy efficient cooling system.

The best part of Orbital Food Organizer is that it will let you access meals or food supply even when you are not at home. The device comes embedded with a smart phone application that will let you control it with the help of internet. All you have to do is choose the right storage slot and the microwave will automatically start cooking the item.

Retograde washing machine

Water is precious and washing clothes gulps down a lot of clean water. If you are looking for a washing machine that is efficient and uses less water, then Retograde by Carl McGreavy will definitely leave you impressed. The machine features an agitator that spins in the opposite direction to the drum present inside it. This creates the same affect that washing clothes by hand does and hence the garments are washed in a much better way. Retograde washing machine will not only save water but also energy, which is definitely a boon in today’s world.

Vapor Clean

Vapor Clean has been shaped like an iron, but will make sure that kitchen tops remain germ free and totally clean. It has been designed by Andrew Mak and is an autonomous robotic steam cleaner created to be used inside a kitchen. The device will bow down to all the cleaning demands that arise when kitchen tops are wedged with induction cook tops. It will remove all stains that are hard to clean and will perform efficiently by creating a virtual map of the kitchen top. Vapor Clean is a must for all homes as it cleans using steam and UV sterilizing technique.

Robot Cleaner

Robot Cleaner is a marvelous creation by a Seoul-based designer, named Jeongmi Lee. The conceptual domestic robot will keep your home tidy and its operation won’t require any manual labor. Simply, set the alarm and see it do all the cleaning while you utilize the time doing other chores. Usually, tissue filters of robot cleaners need to be replaced with fresh ones by the user. But this Robot Cleaner is different. Robot Cleaner will change the tissue cleaners robotically once the cleaning is done, while the used ones will be thrown out in little cardboard boxes. What’s more? If you have a problem waking up in the morning, then attach the device with your duvet and when the alarm goes off, it will run away and pull the sheet, acting as a perfect wake up call.


The Proinjector has been designed by Hwang Jungjoon and Lee Jaeryong. The device spells convenience as it lets you see what’s happening inside the microwave from across the room. It will display the happenings inside the oven in the form of a live image on the wall at the back. The design blends a projector and microwave oven, thereby reducing the risk of your encountering microwave radiations. It is best suited for young children, the elderly and pregnant women. The kitchen appliance has been shaped like a cylinder and is perfect for couch potatoes who are lazy enough to not go to the kitchen time and again.

Alimento kitchen gardening system

Alimento kitchen garden is a quirky concept for futuristic homes. The design by Seaton Mckeon looks as if it has come straight out of a chemistry lab. The kitchen garden system will encourage indoor farming and will help people grow their own herbs. It provides solutions for gardening lovers by introducing avant-garde methods of aeroponic farming. Alimento will let you relish home grown fruits and vegetables, which is a distant dream for city dwellers. Just place this gardening system in any corner of your kitchen and see it sprinkle magic with its artistic form.

Salice Radiator

Radiators have always been synonymous with dull and boring designs which act as an ugly spot in a beautifully decorated room. But changing the image into a beautifully carved picture is the Salice Radiator by K8. It is a great amalgamation of style and energy efficiency which rapidly heats the room. The aluminum radiator can be wedged on the wall and is light in weight. It has been crafted in an artistic manner, which will magically brighten up your room besides warming it. Salice uses less water than everyday radiators, which encourages cost saving as it gives a high heat output that too without using a lot of water.


Axon by Akinori Asatomi is a data transmitting refrigerator that will make the whole process of using a refrigerator effortless. It comes packed with a lot of space, which will help stack up things in a much organized way. The cylinder-shaped refrigerator will exploit a smart phone application for its functioning. This application will let a user control the functions from Axon from just anywhere. A scanner has been fitted at the back door that will give an account of all the things that are inside it. The user-friendly product will also let you know the expiry date of products and will become your best assistant while buying food stuff.

Tino cupcake baker

Tino cupcake baker and toaster, created by Seter Wu, is way too cute. The trendy kitchen appliance has been given the shape of a baby elephant and can be safely used by children as well. The fun design comes clubbed with interesting functioning, which will help bake delicious cakes and toast bread slices. Twist the trunk of the elephant-shaped Tino to adjust toasting and rock it forward to take out the toast once done. Tino cupcake baker and toaster will attract a lot of attention and will add zing to the otherwise boring kitchen environment.


Apple products are special and the accessories that are available in the market help pamper these gadgets even more. Here is a horizontal docking station that will be a perfect accessory for your iPhone 4 and 4S. Named the Cdock, it has been designed by James and Adam, two enthusiastic designers from Portland.

The lightweight docking station comes tagged with durability and will also act as a stand, which will swap your iPhone into a flat screen TV and also a retro clock. Cdock has been made from solid walnut wood and will not alter the aesthetics of your beloved phone. It is available in various designs and will ornament your bedroom, office and studio with its retro appeal.

Eyrie Chair

Floris Wubben has always fetched a lot of motivation from nature and natural forms when it comes to designing. The Dutch designer could not escape the intricate design of a bird’s nest, which Floris used in creating the distinctive Eyrie Chair. The piece of furniture looks weird at first, but it comes coated with a lot of comf
ort just like a nest. While steam-bended ash was used to make the nest, wooden branches constitute the gripping frame. Place it in your garden or porch and see it blend instantly with nature around it.

Fontana Gusto

Fontana Gusto is here to take wood-fire baking to an all new level. The convection oven from Italy will cook in a traditional manner and that too styled in a modern way. It uses almost five times less wood than a conventional oven and has a pre-heat time of just 45 minutes. Even and efficient baking is a result of powerful convection fan.

The product can be moved from one place to the other and has been crafted out of cast, iron, stainless steel and steel. So, be it baking breads and pizzas or roasting poultry or vegetables, this product will be a great addition to the outside space of your dwelling. Relish delicious meals on a warm afternoon or late evenings and fetch praises like never before.

Vondom Pillow Patio Furniture

Vondom Pillow Patio Furniture will glow like a star when dusk sets in. The collection has a modern outline that will magically brighten the outdoor space it is placed in. The furniture design, as the name suggests, fetches its inspiration from pillows that are known for lending utmost comfort. It will look equally appealing even when the pieces are not lit and will help you chill out like never before.

The collection comprises of table, chair, flowerpot pieces and pouf. The soft curves of Vondom Pillow Patio Furniture will further get enhanced when it is positioned near a poolside, terrace or the garden area. Lounge in the sun or gaze at the stars, the brightly lit furniture will never fall short on impressing you.

Gravity Stool

The unique shape and appearance of the Gravity Stool will surly leave you bemused. The creation by Jolan van der Wiel defies the concept of gravity and embraces the principles of magnetism. The incredible shape of the Gravity Stool is a result of combining plastic with a magnetic core. The plastic twists and bends as a result of the magnetic force, which is achieved by opposing and attracting fields at varying angles, thanks to the positioning of magnetic fields in the stool. The forms are organic and are reminiscent of things found naturally in our surroundings. This effortlessly combines modern technology with natural phenomenon, which is very stylish and appealing.

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