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Space crisis is a huge problem for the urban dwellers. Clothes, books, work essentials, luxury items, bedding, food, and home entertainment media, all these have to be stored in different and appropriate places. Many people out there are movie buffs […]

store your home entertainment media

  For some of us, cost is not a factor when it comes to owning a customized home theater system that would make everyone’s eyes pop out in awe. Here are five such customized home theater systems that can be

The Star Trek Home Theater

Many homeowners are always looking out for innovative play areas for their pets. Here are some innovative designs that pet lovers as well as their pets would absolutely love. In addition to looking stylish, these designs would save up plenty

The Cat Tunnel Sofa True to its name, the Cat Tunnel Sofa consists of a comfortable sofa with a tunnel that runs along the arm, side and back of the sofa. Looking sleek and elegant, the sofa is the perfect place for you to relax and watch TV while you cat runs through the tubes, jumps out of any one of the three openings in it, plays with you, or cuddles up in a warm, protective corner inside the tunnel.

Reliving the intricacy of a Roman bath, designer Daniel Libeskind has come up with a luxury spa dubbed the “FLOW” that evokes the fancies of a Baroque-era boiler and the intensity of a deep sea whirlpool. Designed for Jacuzzi®, the

Looking to give an antique or retro look to the interior of your home, have a look at the rarest of rare “Paragon D44000” speaker cabinet by JBL that is sure to bring the elite, rich aura of ‘50s to

Cal Flame, a division of Cal Spas, has recently taken wraps off the new R-Elements Conceptat the annual HPBExpo in Orlando, Florida. The Cal Flame R-Elements combines a Cal Spas hot tub and a four piece galvanized steel fire pit

If you have a liking for the bold and beautiful red color and are on the hunt for Bluetooth speaker or an FM radio for yourself, you need to head straight to HiddenRadio. The audio firm has lately launched a

For the Darth Vader fans, this Planetarium seems to the perfect way to enjoy the Milky Way and 10,000 stars within the comforts of their homes. The Homestar Darth Vader Planetarium from the house of Segatoys has been designed by

Walker Audio, the company specializing in high-end audio components and audio and video accessories, has lately taken wraps of its new Proscenium Black Diamond V turntable that will set you back a hefty $105,000. If you think that the best

Driven by an immense passion for sound, Garvan targets audiophiles with its stunning speakers that are truly Italian in concept, design and manufacturing. Garvan’s beautiful Drop speakers are made of Faenza ceramics and offer a perfect blend of form and

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