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Darth Vader Planetarium lets you enjoy celestial illumination right inside your room

For the Darth Vader fans, this Planetarium seems to the perfect way to enjoy the Milky Way and 10,000 stars within the comforts of their homes. The Homestar Darth Vader Planetarium from the house of Segatoys has been designed by Takayuki Ohira, a professional planetarium designer and projector manufacturer. The planetarium offers a unique, exciting way to see the universe at home by projecting stars and constellations onto the ceiling of your home.

Designed in the shape of the iconic helmet of Darth Vader, the planetarium pops open on the top to let you enjoy three hours of celestial illumination, which interestingly also includes TIE fighter flying among the stars. The Darth Vader Planetarium sells for $80. If you need one for your bathroom, you may consider the waterproof StarBath planetarium.

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