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Concrete Canvas – A concrete house you carry in your backpack

If you are an avid camper, then you might surely be exposed to natural events like rain, fire and storm that a commonly used tent perhaps couldn’t withstand. However, the Concrete Canvas Shelter from British company, Concrete Canvas Ltd, is here to boost up your comfort on the go. The cement-impregnated fabric that allows you to carry your home in a backpack is lightweight and flexible when dry. However, it converts into a concrete shell in 24 hours when exposed to water and air.

When dry, the cement-impregnated fabric functions like a tent, but it hardens into a cement bunker, providing you protection from water, fire and possibly, from bullets. The inflatable concrete building provides you temporary refuge but it offers you all the amenities that any man-made structure can come up with.

The largest model stretches up to 550 square feet and is complete with lockable doors and can also incorporate indoor light fixtures. With variety of implications that make it fit to be used for various civilian to military purposes for a good period of ten years, individual concrete Canvas Shelter can also be covered with snow, dirt and numerous other materials to protect you against the natural elements.

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