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Managing kids while shopping

Managing kids while shopping

Shopping is in itself a time consuming, busy process that needs a lot of self control. Imagine going out for shopping with young kids!  It not makes the whole task tiring but there are chances that kids might learn the wrong ways of getting things done their way. The only way parents can help their kids become responsible children is to be firm and specific while shopping with them.

Tips for parents

Some tips that parents can use while shopping with their kids are:

Preparing kids

  • Make sure your kids know the place, time and purpose of your shopping. Prepare them in advance so that they are aware and can adjust their play or study accordingly.
  • Explain to them beforehand about the shopping agenda. It could simply be visiting a nearby grocery shop or a far away all purpose mall.
  • Set up certain rules regarding shopping behavior and you can promise a snack or a game if kids abide by those rules. Let the kids be clear about the things that you will not be buying for them and that it is better if they don’t ask for it.

Bag pack

  • Make sure kids have rested and are well fed before leaving home and have dealt with all other basic needs.
  • It is a good idea to carry a snack box with some healthy favorite food like nut bars, fruit slices, etc.
  • Carry their water bottle, juice or soymilk. This can avoid unwanted demands and tantrums due to hunger or over exhaustion.
  • If the journey to the shopping area is a long one or you may have to wait somewhere, you can take some toys or books for the kids to play with and feel comfortable.


Shopping play

  • You can keep your child busy by taking their help in searching those items for you. Preschoolers love such games and parents can take an opportunity to teach them through shopping play.
  • Parents can take their help by helping you find the fruits section and identifying fruits or vegetables. They can help you by counting on the number of items you need to put into your shopping basket.

Good food

  • Shopping time also gives kids an opportunity to learn about healthy food. Making healthy food choices and avoiding junk ones or those that affect your health, makes long lasting impressions on the young minds.
  • If at all kids go beyond control and demand for something that parents do not intend to buy, parents can take the child outside or to the restroom and clearly explain to them.

So, shopping with kids can be a very positive experience if parents clearly set limits about what should be bought and what should not. The most important thing is never to give in to a tantrum situation.

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