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Home Automation

With a wide assortment of programmable thermostats available on the market, you should not get confused and settle for something that either is not up to the mark or that does not suit your requirements and preferences well. Recent Articles:

right fit programmable thermostat for your smart home

Home has to be comfortable all the time and then only one feels like returning to it every evening after a tiring day out. But imagine yourself coming back to a home that is either chilling or too hot, nobody

home’s thermostat control

You constantly dream about making your home a smart home but you fear doing so would go far beyond your budget. First thing, you must know is that home automation is all about smart choices, and there is a plethora

Piper nv + Z-Wave Pack

Out of numerous individual reasons, people today prefer to have smart gadgets at their disposal that can take care of their operation on their own. The extreme desires of human beings to lead a comfortable and an easy life has


Automating homes is one thing almost everybody is going for these days, everybody wants to secure their homes from burglaries, and they want a system that can enable their home to do all those things on its own even without


People today not just follow the futuristic concept of home automation to secure their homes and to make it comfortable but in order to augment their home’s value as well.


Over the years, the number of working women has increased many folds. Besides, from the daily office activity she shares the responsibilities of children and household chores.  Home Automation is the management or deployment of home equipment or appliances automatically

Home automation ideas that women can employ

The fast-paced life of today and so much of technological advancement happening around calls for homes that are tech savvy, or we call them automated homes. Everybody is so busy that staying at home and taking care of it is

home automation system that fits you best

With the advancement in the home automation industry, new concepts are emerging rapidly, leading us towards smart devices, smart technology and even smart furniture. The smart furniture will not only save time and labor in assembling, but also shall give


Almost everything in this world is becoming smart, and your home is no exception. The comfort, convenience, and style smart homes add to a person’s life is what makes them so popular in today. Smart home technology is an evolving

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