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Home automation ideas that women can employ for a better home

Over the years, the number of working women has increased many folds. Besides, from the daily office activity she shares the responsibilities of children and household chores.  Home Automation is the management or deployment of home equipment or appliances automatically or remotely. Precious time is saved to spend with the family or any activity of interest. Home automation is also helpful for women who completely devote their time for daily household chores and family affairs. Being able to sit and chat with friends and family, being socially active and off course getting time for hobbies and health care.

Kitchen Automation

A huge variety of ‘smart’ and ‘designer’ kitchens is available now days. A stainless steel kitchen, where the entire counter top, sink, gas stove are made of 100% stainless steel. This material as we know is easy to clean and can withstand rough handling. Durability, ease of maintenance, and adding to the aesthetics of the ambience is seen here.

Now imagine a kitchen where you could watch your favorite TV programs or listen to the music of your interest just by the click of a mouse or a swipe on the inbuilt touch screen! Not only this you can surf the internet, look for recipes whilst cooking, control your iPod with the help of a remote or an air mouse. You can also customize the operations of your appliances and get a feedback too.

An eco friendly kitchen is another option. Three different types of microplants are installed in this type of a kitchen. The first one manages the solid waste, the second liquid waste and the third one organic waste. A paper shredder shreds paper, a metal ball breaks down glass and a large screw crushes cans and bottles. Water is recycled and about 12-15 liters is obtained daily, this could be used for cleaning purposes or even watering plants. Earthworms are used for composting organic material.

Living Room Automation

Whether it is controlling your lights, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, managing your security locks home automation provides you comfort and convenience. The best part is that all this can be controlled from your PC, tablet or smartphone. When the doorbell rings, you need not go running to the door, just look at the screen of your gadget and you come to know who is there. By the help of motion sensors lights can be adjusted in such a way that it may turn on or off with your movement. Even music can be played as per your mood. Automation for your living room can be planned to deliver energy efficiency.

An alarm would go off the moment an intruder tries to enter your property. The security cameras will record and store the images of the intruder/intruders on a remote server. This would be helpful for the Police. The system would send alerts to you, your family or neighbors by the way of an SMS, email or a phone call. You can respond immediately to such attempts of trespassing or burglary.

The Era of Automation

Home Automation systems have been around to help you save time, energy and make your life at ease. More and more innovations tend to add to the comfort and fun. Improvement of the predecessor systems with a fresh touch finds a good amount of acceptability. Being able to manage your time efficiently for leisure or family is the key advantage of these systems. You can always boast of your taste for technology to friends and guests while showing them the capabilities of your automation system. Well it can be a hot topic of discussion amongst the women group.

Home Automation ideas for women not only give them liberty to spend time at their leisure but also have quality time for their family.

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