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Help your kids learn to sleep alone in their bed

At a certain point of time, parents have to let their kids have their own bed. When you see your kids are growing younger, you find a need to train them to sleep alone in their bed. At times, it may be difficult but it is important so that the kids can develop healthy sleep habits. Here are a few tips:

Talk to them

You must not change the regular routine of your kids all of a sudden. It is important to have a family meeting and declare that from now on kids would sleep in their separate room. They must not get confused with the reasons for a sudden change. Tell them that young kids need to develop a habit to sleep in their own room, as they need their own space. Healthy sleep habits are important to have a good day and to focus on their studies. You can tell stories of kids who sleep alone in their own rooms. For older kids a family meeting would serve the purpose.

Fix a routine

For a few days, you may have to follow a strict routine. Ask your kids to get into their pajamas and brush their teeth. Read them bedtime stories and cuddle them. It is important that you do not stay the room for a very long time, as they may not get habitual of your presence. You must not lie in their bed and stay far away from it. It helps you reduce their dependence upon you.

Decorate their bedroom

Once you make up your mind to let them sleep alone in their own room, talk to them and take their help to decorate their room. If you decorate their room, just the way they like, it will be easier for you to get their support. Moreover, it will minimize their fear of sleeping alone. You can have posters of their favorite cartoon characters, wind chimes and their favorite toys to make them even more comfortable.

Manage the lighting in the room

Kids usually are scared of dark and may find it uncomfortable to sleep in their room with lights out. In such a case, you can put flashy lights in their room. Use dim lights so that they can play with their toys until they fall asleep.

Do not break the habit

Once you start training your kids to sleep in their own bed, you must not break the habit. Kids may sometimes be stubborn and sleep in your bed but you must ask them to follow the rule. If they fall asleep in your bed, you must carry them to their bed quietly. Do not forget to tell them the next morning that you carried them to their bed. Do not let your kids feel neglected as it may instigate negativity or even turn them against you.

Make them feel safe

Some kids find it hard to fall asleep especially at an early stage. They may ask you to be there in the room. Parents must understand that it is hard to change the habit at once. You can develop a routine to visit them after regular time intervals so that they feel safe and secure. Sneak into the room and ask them quietly if they are asleep. It gives them the confidence that you are always around them.

If you do not help your kids develop a routine to sleep in their room, they may find it hard to adjust later on. Let them have their own room where they have a beautiful collection of their favorite toys. Adjust lighting in the room in an appealing manner so that your loved ones can enjoy a good night sleep.


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