h3ar suggests a housing solution via modular mobile lodgings

h3ar suggests a housing solution

h3ar modular housing 1

Modular housing techniques have shaped our living spaces to perfection but with one factual error, i.e. they lack mobility. The deficit becomes ever more yawning when we see already scarce, open spaces making way to some haphazard constructions. In such a scenario, re-utilizing the used structures to create more habitats becomes so very important. Accordingly, h3ar projects movable modular housing structures that can be plugged into a grid.

h3ar modular housing 3

Maybe, in the future, we’ll be forced to live on water. Hence, the initial snaps show the stackable units fitted above and below bridges. In order to access these novel living spaces, one needs to make use of boat-borne cranes.When it comes to conceiving and coming up with affordable housing solutions, the concept modular housing structure is sure to see the clear light of the day in near future.

h3ar modular housing 2

Once you’re done with them and you don’t need them any longer, the modular units can be easily removed. Now, you can look for another modular unit to replace it.

Via: Dornob

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