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Gulf of Mexico prepares as Hurricane Dean strikes Jamaica

hurricane dean strikes jamaica

This is hurricane season in Gulf of Mexico or North Atlantic. And Hurricane Dean has already started spitting its malicious venom in the Caribbean, with thunderous rain flooding the region.

Hurricane is a thunderstorm that produces furious winds and thunderous rains. It is basically the result of temperature difference in sea surface and air above. Once the moisturized air from sea moves up and condenses after reaching a certain height, the latent heat is released because of cooling above resulting in stormy rains, thunderstorms, mudslides, landslides and large waves.

North Atlantic is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and storms. Particularly Gulf of Mexico receives thunderstorms as hurricanes and tornadoes because of its hook-type location near the equator in a swirl. Season’s first storm, Hurricane Dean has hit the Caribbean island moving with a speed of more than 90miles/ hour, it has already started wreaking havoc in Jamaica, as it strengthens to move towards Gulf coast.

Massive evacuation has taken place in low-lying areas coming under the spell of the storm that has already claimed five lives. Jamaica wears a gloomy look with deserted places, darkness all around with truncated power and gas supply. Amidst the weather fury, the Jamaicans seem to be preparing themselves for times ahead, buying bread, butter and other essential commodities to keep in store in order to quench their hunger in case of severe calamity.

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 spelled doom in the Gulf, being the worst natural calamity to strike the region. As the Gulf of Mexico prepares itself for another catastrophic weather fury season, Jamaicans are already battling with it with the hurricane Dean climbing category-4.

With it another warning to the world fuelling the environment with greenhouse gas emissions comes in the form of recurrent and prolonging typhoons, storms, hurricanes and cyclones as the mercury shoots higher up.


Via: ENN

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