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Green Odyssey: From dirtiest to greenest, a tale Chattanooga city exemplifies


A city that had once been designated as the dirtiest city of America is today synonymous with words like magnificent, beautiful, exquisite and mesmerizing. The place I am talking of is Chattanooga, which has become a dream destination for many. From food to adventure activities to purchasable goods to travel, it has everything green.


Places you cannot afford to miss:

The Tennessee River park located in the heart of the city is a place that will leave you speechless. Alongside it runs the clear Tennessee River, which apart from giving a splendid view also gives you a chance to test your fishing skills along with a license to eat what you catch. Another location that has revived Chattanooga is the Tennessee Aquarium, a six-story glass and chrome wonder, which is simply breathtaking.

The River Journey building, originally constructed in 1982, focuses on freshwater creatures from the nearby river and around the world. The latest constructed Ocean Journey building houses sea creatures like sharks, sea turtles and penguins. The Walnut Street bridge is must visit. The bridge that experienced heavy traffic once is now open for only pedestrians to take in the views of downtown Chattanooga.


Green delicacies suiting your taste:

Chattanooga is full of places serving dishes prepared from organic and locally grown crops. One of the most popular is 212 Market, which is the first green-certified restaurant in Tennessee. Taking green to the next level, the restaurant believes in composting food waste, using renewable power and sending diners home with to-go boxes made of corn.

Another well-known place is St. John’s Restaurant, which includes local fruits and veggies on its menu. For all the vegetarian food lovers, the Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant and Bakery could be the perfect place.


Green adventure:

Chattanooga is bliss for outdoor enthusiast with avenues open for biking, rock-climbing, kayak tours, swimming, white water rafting and fishing. There are bike and pedestrian paths along the riverfront. A wall at the base of the Walnut Street Bridge is just perfect to satisfy the rock-climbing buffs. Tennessee River provides opportunity to paddlers and swimmers to experience the time of their lives. Outdoor Chattanooga offers sunset kayak tours that are definitely worth checking into.

Green purchases:

is a portrayal of culture, art and tradition. If you wish to buy souvenirs that exemplify local culture, then check out the North Shore. In case you have a soft corner for art, the Bluff View Art District is where you should hit to find works by local artists. The Chattanooga Market would more than make your weekend with local artists selling their wares.

The outdoor market offers you clothes, jewelry, artwork and locally made foods, including preserves and baked goods. The World Next Door is a funky shop in downtown Chattanooga that sells fair-trade items from around the world. Stop in for journals made from elephant dung, messenger bags crafted from used feed and rice bags, or handmade copper bells.


Green journey:

The greenest city can be explored on foot, leaving you mesmerized with the breath-taking sights. If you wish to visit some of the most popular places like Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art then hit the 13-mile paved path along the Tennessee River. For those of you who prefer transportation to walking can rely on public transport. A free electric shuttle runs through downtown, linking the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo with the riverfront and the fleet of public buses includes 12 hybrid vehicles.

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