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Green Odyssey: Feynan Eco-lodge for a true Jordanian experience

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The Middle East has always allured eco-travelers for its mighty expanses of savannas, deserts and mountains. Amid highly challenging terrains, it also offers compassionate and environmentally friendly lodgings for you to relax and then continue your expedition. So when it comes to hospitality, nothing matches the Jordanian Feynan Eco-lodge.

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Won National Geographic recognition:

Lately, it has been hailed as one of the top 50 eco lodges across the globe by National Geographic.

The selection puts Jordan on the world ecotourism map… People who read the magazine will know that besides the archaeological sites, Jordan possesses a variety of nature reserves which offer different activities and allows visitors to explore its unique culture.

Yahya Khalid, the RSCN Director, gloats in honors conferred by National Geographic.

Beneficial for nature and residents as well:
feynan eco lodge
Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature has done a commendable job in empowering the native Bedouin who were relying on goats for survival. The eco-lodge, specially constructed to provide them with a stable source of income, also helps the local inhabitants to trim down their dependence on wild flora and fauna. The 116 square mile Dana Biosphere Reserve embraces this exceptional lodge. It is crafted in local materials employing the unique arabesque design. Moreover, the eco-friendly 26-room cottage utilizes solar power for its energy requirements while wax candles’ illumination brightens its nights.

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