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Going green in Fashion

Ever since the meltdown of the environment, global warming and other catastrophes which have left the environment so severely empty, there have been many moves which have tried to retain some of the resources of the Earth for the future generation.

Movements such as planting of trees, saving endangered species and of course movements against the exploitation of the vast mineral resources and saving reserves of sources of water, all around the world have tried to somewhat add to the well-being of the environment. In fact, people have gone so far as to choose eco-friendly toilets, the particulars of which are a subject for discussion at another time.

Since so much is taking place on the face of saving the environment, why should fashion be any far behind. Therefore, folks, let use embark upon a journey, which might give you an idea, what kinds of things can actually be possible with going green.


Taking the cue from people who support the green revolution, several designers and chains have switched over to making dresses with environment friendly materials. Such materials are made in such a manner that they might also be sent for recycling on some occasions.

The basic idea has been to choose organic materials for making clothes and ban items, which are designed with fur, leather, hides made from animals and similar. Several people have simply opened themselves to the idea of dressing themselves in crude cotton and jute.

You should of course not be worried about how these clothes turn out. The trend set by some of the best designers around the world has made sure that you can enjoy a range of clothing items. From bottoms, to tops, to under garments, every element of clothing is being taken care of through some real experiments and use of eco-friendly materials, even fancy dressing.

Innovative Accessories

As far as accessories go, nothing can probably come even close to the kind of eco-friendly substitutes that the experts in fashion have come up with. For example, you might consider jute handbags instead of leather ones and of course choose ones which are made of thin sticks of plants as well.

Earrings have probably gotten the best facelift in several centuries. The basic idea is to use things, which are free and abundant in nature. So buy or design your own accessories with flowers, colorful barks of trees and other. Using seeds to weave a necklace for you is a great idea as well.


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