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Get a rug to add to comfort and appearance of your home


Adds colors to the room Other than keeping the room warm in winters, rugs brighten the overall look of the room. By choosing the rug that matches your ceiling and walls, you can give your room a unique look.


Protects the floor Rugs are not only used for decorating purposes, but they also protect your floor and carpets. Rugs are preferred by many because you can easily change a rug but changing your entire flooring or carpeting will be very expensive.


Better quality of indoor air Rugs clean the indoor air because the texture of rugs act as filters which remove the dust particles from the air.


Dress the walls Most people also use rugs as wall hangings in their rooms. Rugs used as wall hanging have multi-dimensional characteristics for example; rugs as wall hanging are a perfect form of custom art.


Soften hard surfaces The surface of rugs is usually very soft whereas the surface of other types of floor like wood flooring is usually hard. Rugs are used to soften the hard surfaces and enhance the overall look the room.


Sound proofing the room Rugs are used to sound proof the room because rugs are likely to convert the sound energy into heat energy. Moreover, the texture of rugs prevents the sound waves from entering into the room. Therefore, rugs and carpets reduce echoes and noise pollution to a very large extent.


Increase safety Rugs increase the safety and lower the risk of any sort of injuries especially for young children. The floor usually gets slippery after it is cleaned which increases the risk of slipping mishaps. Therefore, rugs can prevent such injuries.


Comforting for your feet Rugs provide comfort to people who are not the type to wear slippers and usually walk bare foot in their apartment. Summary Rugs are great for your home. They add both form and function, and have the added advantage of looking great.]]>


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