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Now Bill Clinton leads the charge against climate change

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The US is one of the foremost nations responsible for most green house gas emission in the world and for long it has refused to do anything to remove that dubious honour. But now the move for change and to usher in a new era is in full swing.

Leading the charge to stop climate change in the US is the country’s former President Bill Clinton who has steeped up effort to convince the major US city mayors to probe into the escalating problem of climate change and global warming.

His collaboration with the nation’s largest retail company Wal-Mart comes a sign of relief for the teeming thousands who want their government to take some serious actions to fight the environmental deterioration. Wal-Mart’s presence in the move to combat climate change indicates the presence of an economic element in what is often observed as an ethical issue.

Wal-Mart’s pledge to decimate energy use in its production and to reduce packaging waste in an effort to relieve the environment of harmful waste materials augurs an optimistic prospect indeed in the future. Should indeed the company also fulfill its promises to maintain limited fuel usage by its truck fleet and make suppliers submit their greenhouse gas emission data, it could contribute positively in the fight against environmental pollution.

The two-day summit in the US city of Seattle is being attended by hundreds of mayors of major US cities and the conference is expected to prove useful in the coming months. At the moment, the most important act would be to create awareness among the people and also to convince the US government its responsibility to sign the Kyoto Protocol and to take the initiative to fight global warming.

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Source: Yahoo News

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