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Let them fly away from the nest: Making kids independent

Good parenting skills is not restricted to just providing the best possible materialistic things to your child or protecting them from every little danger which might approach them. It even includes the best way of inculcating independence in your children to enable them to face the big wide world outside, thereby motivating and preparing them to face the challenges of the competitive world with a positive and confident attitude. In an effort to this, do not ever be harsh on them or vent your anger and frustration by constantly nagging them. Instead, instigate children to come out of their cocoon and induce self confidence in them so that they can fight their own battles later in life. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the parents to prepare their child in the best possible way so as to enable him to confidently deal with any kind of situation in his future life which might hit him from time to time.

Let them fly, make them independent

Building self-confidence and independence in your child is not a one day job, it has to be done slowly and steadily over the years, starting from the initial stages of his life. Small incidents and experiences in the early years help to build a ladder of success for future responsibilities. Right from daily errands, every little activity provides a stepping stone which helps to forego the fears of facing the adversities of the world around. As parents, monitoring our child’s activities for their betterment is our first and foremost duty.

1. Tons of free play

For a healthy and carefree growth of your child, he should be given enough free time to play and the freedom to choose what he wants to play. Being a helicopter parent will only do harm to you as well as your child. Let your child loose the balloon strings of his imagination and explore things of his interest rather than forcing him to involve in activities which interest you. Remember, independence given in daily play time leads to build independence in children to explore other fields in future.

2. Let them get frustrated

Introducing a child to new games and new activities helps develop mental skills in him. However, do not spoon feed the child and guide him if he gets stuck, instead let him find his way out himself. Even if he gets frustrated, give him room to explore new horizons before he completely gives up. Step in to play your role only when you see him find no resort, but let him try to the fullest so that he learns to repeatedly keep experimenting to achieve the desired goals in life, without banking on you.

3. Let them work out conflicts

Sibling rivalry and conflicts with friends is a part and parcel of growing up and parents should not intervene in every little fight to make up things between them. Instead, children should be given their own space and liberty to resolve their own issues without adults coming in the picture, unless it turns out to be a serious affair. Do not try to lend a shoulder for your child to cry on all the time, let your child come to terms with his issues with friends and playmates. This helps in building up a stronger bonding amongst them and paves way for taking mature decisions while handling conflicts at home or at the workplace later on in life.

4. Speak to them naturally and them seriously

Spending some time and speaking to your child with trust and confidence is very important to make him feel that his thoughts are appreciated and valued. Converse with your children naturally by stooping down to their level and put yourself in their shoes to equate their way of thinking by respecting their instincts. No matter how childish his talks might appear to you, always hear him out and try to resolve them in their manner by respecting the conclusions that they come to. Never try to impose your decisions on him, this will hamper his confidence level, making him dull and dependent.

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