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Flash floods in Britain, resultant of global warming?

britain flash floods

Flash floods have hit Britain hard. The weatherman seems clueless. The submerged streets of London tell the same story. But, what is it? Why is Britain finding it hard to contain the incessant rains and flooding? Why is the most perfect metrology department clueless on the weather? It is to nobody’s guess that global warming has made its way on the globe and the present misadventure is only a kind of warning before the storm. Then do we need more info into this matter? Should we wait for the final catastrophe?

Rains continue to pour in Britain, breaking all previous records, resulting in flash floods,a clear sign of climate change. No matter, how reluctant the leading developed nations of the world be to contain their greenhouse gas emissions, the present situation in Britain needs to be pooled with global warming. If rains were just an outcry of the environmentalists with regard to climate change, than what about the hottest years, the droughts routing most of the nations on the globe, including U.S., Australia, Britain, and China?

Global warming doesn’t simply mean incessant rains or droughts. It is a recipe of incessant rains in one season to drought in the other, meltdown of glaciers once to floods on the other, hurricanes to cyclones. Not only this, the impact that it has on living organisms from terrestrial to marine to aerial changes their entire approach towards life.

There is nothing much that we can do alone. Global warming has to be tackled collaterally. Global emissions of greenhouse gases need to be contained. But, how much are we spending to rein in the carbon emissions that are poisoning the atmosphere? Carbon caps need to be seriously taken. It is everyone’s duty, be it developed or developing nations to rise above expectations to cut their carbon emissions to save humanity before the catastrophe devours it.


Via: Telegraph

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