Five smart gadgets that come with a boost to productivity

Owning gadgets containing label “smart” doesn’t always make users smart. It’s the productivity, utility, requirement of any gadget that decides whether a particular piece of electronic device is smart or not. Portable electronics have invaded into our lives like never before. Now we have smartlocks, smartwatches, smart fitness trackers, pet trackers and so on. Increasing number of gadget that a person today commonly carries has also created need for complimentary gadgets, like portable chargers.

While some of these smart gadgets came from established manufactures, others received highly positive response from crowdfunding websites. Mostly, gadgets related to security, healthcare and fitness are found more productive than others.

These smart gadgets come with mobile apps and can relay data wirelessly. Presently, some of them might sound expensive, but in future cost of these technologies is likely to fall in affordable category.

Although, the market is flooded with so called “smart-stuff”, user must be able to filter best of them. Take a look at five of the most productive smart gadgets:


Skylock is a bike lock that can be operated via Bluetooth. That means, user can lock and unlock it through smartphone and even by proximity (via signal strength Indicator). The lock is quite helpful in case of accidents as it can send crash alters to trusted relatives and friends. Obviously, user will receive alerts if someone tempers with the bike.

The lock’s power supply comes from an integrated battery that can be charged through included solar panels or through USB port. Solar-panels ensure that it never run out of juice. This smart bike lock is available for about $160 .

Fever Smart

Fever Smart is a kind of smart patch thermometer that allows monitoring patient’s temperature continuously and remotely. It is supported by iOS devices and provides alerts when patient’s temperature begins to rise. The data is in the cloud and easily accessible.

Moreover, it doesn’t free patient from putting thermometer in their mouths. It attaches to body (under arm) easily and keep relying data regularly. That means, patient can rest without interference for temperature check-up. Hopefully, Fever Smart will be soon available for Android users too. You can own one for $130.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

This smartphone-connected lunchbox counts the amount of calories for you, which can prove helpful in planning and preparing meals in accordance with individual calories requirements. The lunchbox is actually a pack of modular translucent containers that are leak-proof.

It comes with an app that connects it with your iOS smartphone. The app also contains cooking plans and recommendations about groceries to buy. This smart lunchbox can also prevent food-wastage. A lunch-box with single modular container is available for $50 and the prices increases with the number of containers.

Oxxion Disposable, Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Oxxion is world’s first fully disposable and wireless pulse oximeter developed by California-based start-up True Wearables. It’s equipped with electronics and high grade bio-sensors and is highly portable and easy-to-use. It can deliver 24 hours of continuous monitoring.

Oxxion can be used irrespective of the patient’s position or location. Being a disposable device, it’s easy to dispose off unlike other electronic pulse meters. It’ll cost you $123.

ION Belt

ION Belt works as a battery bank that can be fastened around waist. It can hold 3000mAh of power that can be used to charge any portable gadget. The belt is useful for hikers, trekkers and travelers. It was on Kickstarter for crowdfunding and had received very warm welcome. Its pledged price was about $90.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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