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Strange medical conditions that can shock and surprise

<![CDATA[Many medical conditions are now treatable, thanks to extensive medicinal research and practice. However, some rare conditionsand abnormal bodily functions still baffle the minds of doctors. They have no treatments available for some weird conditions. Thus, patients suffering from such problems have to lead a life full of distress due to their physical, mental, and social discomfort. Find out here about a few such shocking diseases and medical conditions that have spoiled many lives.


In this condition, patients keep on consuming things that have no relation with the healthy functioning of body. They could eat items like soil, paper, stones, or even paint. They consume just any non-food item that has the ability to damage their digestive organs. This syndrome may start in early childhood and patients may become malnourished later. The only intervention is psychological at this time.

Cotard’s Delusion

Cotard’s Delusion is also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome. As the name suggests, this disorder makes patients think that they do not have some body parts and they are dead. They do not feel like being a part of the normal world and spend time in cemeteries. They perceive that cemeteries have those who are their kinds.

Since the condition occurs because of a dysfunction in a brain area linked to emotions, such patients stay emotionally detached. When they look at themselves, they do not recognize anything about their identity. While there are some medications and therapies for the condition, there is no guarantee of cure.

This condition has started randomly in those who have been suffering constantly with hiccups. Although it is a normal function of the body, these patients keep facing chronic hiccups for years. This disturbs their normal life with eating, working, and sleeping issues.

Xeroderma Pigmentosum

It is also known as Vampire Syndrome, as patients of this condition have to be kept away from sunlight like a vampire. The problem actually develops due to the overexposure of body to sunlight or its UV rays.

These UV rays damage the DNA of a person. In fact, the nucleotide excision repair enzymes do not work and cause the DNA to damage further. Thus, patients become so sensitive to sunlight that even their skin can breakdown or develop cancer.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

In this disorder, the body’s soft tissues keep on being solidified and turning into bones. Starting in childhood, this condition almost makes a person a statue by the young age. The solidification starts from a patient’s neck and proceeds downward. Later, patients develop lung and breathing problems that slowly take away their lives.

From simple to complex, there are varied types of medical conditions that are rare and mostly untreatable. The medical science needs to find solutions to these and many more weird problems that can even snatch precious lives.]]>

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