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Five interior design risks that are worth taking

Great creative design often means taking risks, or trying things that may not be your usual mainstream choices. When it’s time for your next renovation, are you ready to take a chance on something a little different? From stainless steel balustrade design to wild color choices, you can make a decision to do something a little different with your living space.

Indulgent Bathroom

Creating a spa atmosphere in the bathroom is a very popular trend, and can be accomplished with just a few choice renovations. Change out the tub for a deeper model to enjoy luxurious soaks, or switch the standard shower fixture for an overhead rain shower. In-floor heating can be added if you don’t mind a more extensive construction project. Whichever specific features you want, this is one area where you can forget the utilitarian options and go for something with more sensual flair.

Renewable and Natural Materials

Making “eco-friendly” choices when it comes to decor and building materials may not be a style risk, but you may have to accept higher costs for some things if you want to use natural products. Bamboo flooring, organic cotton drapery and upholstery, low VOC paints and fair trade decor pieces are all part of an environmental point of view. Using fewer synthetic materials can make a healthier home in terms of air quality, and you can feel better knowing that you’ve limited your ecological footprint by choosing renewable products.

A Statement Staircase

If there is a central staircase in your home, you can turn it into a dramatic piece of functional art. Replace the tired wooden railings with a sweeping steel balustrade, to make a focal point for the entire floor. As long as it is still structurally sound, you can turn your staircase into anything you want, from sleek modern to Renaissance antique.

Bold Colors

Though some trends are leaning towards pale pastels this year, there is always a place for a pop of unexpected color. It can be a risk because too much strong color can overwhelm a room and be very distracting from any other elements in the space. Even so, you can create something amazing with the right use of dark colors. Are you up for the challenge?

Intense Patterns

If the bold colors aren’t quite you, what about trying some of the intense patterns we’re seeing more frequently. Big wide stripes on the walls, strong plaids on the furniture, or bright tropical prints on the window treatments. Another variation on this is the mural. Huge art pieces that cover an entire wall are getting quite popular. It will take a little more planning to find the right look with this approach, and you may have to experiment more to see what colors and patterns work well together. The final result can be worth the work.

Not all of these creative ideas will work in every space, and you’ll have to do some planning before you begin decorating or renovating. But instead of taking the usual run-of-the-mill approach with safe ideas, why not give something unique a try?

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