Different and unique home trends that you can watch out for in 2017

Over time, we get very used to seeing the house the way it is. Sometimes it is good to bring in a change by making mild changes to the house. It gives a very refreshing and positive look and at the same time helps us to feel good inside.  

Just as how we need to break the monotony of our lives, similarly doing the same with our homes is necessary. Sometimes small changes in the environment of our house can have a positive impact on our lives. If you want to bring in such a change to your house, here are a few ways to add the spark back into your house and make it alive.

Opt for pastel earthy colors

For a softer, tailored and feminine look, you can opt for pastel earthy colors like lavender, Rose Quartz, serenity and blush hues. These sorts of colors help to define the shape of your house by highlighting its strengths in a subtle manner.  It will also help to brighten up the room especially if you have a small sized house.

The blends of contrasting colored metal

Another beautiful way to enhance the look of your house would be to opt for contrasting colored metals. The combinations on this front can include silver and Nickel, gold and brass or even the traditional black and white combination. These sorts of combinations give a nice finish and texture to your house. You can always blend metal furniture or fixtures with any themed house without any hassles.

Floral prints are another perfect way to go

If you do not want to make too many changes to your house, then opting for floral prints would be the right choice. Although this may not seem to be like your regular trend, but floral inspirations have a charm of their own. This is a budget friendly option and even perfect to uplift any space. To enhance the overall look of the print, you can opt for vibrant and bold metallic colors as an outline.

Geometric Patterns are back in style

It is not surprising that the era of geometric patterns is back with a bang. These patterns are snazzier and bold and add the glam element to your house. You can also consider this choice as a backsplash option to get a classy and luxurious backdrop. The best thing about this trend is that you can mix and match the colors and patterns to create a unique look.

Bring in the greens for the lively and natural look

Weather you opt for repainting your house or adding some indoor plants, the color green can never go wrong. While the dark shades of green can be used to define the borders of a spot, the lighter shades will bring in freshness to any room. Without a doubt, plants will always blend in to any spot and enhance that space naturally.

Tropical Prints upholstery and wallpapers

Whether you consider getting your upholstery changed or even choosing wallpapers, tropical prints have a very refreshing look. The combination of dark and light shade will make your old furniture or walls look new. Experimenting with this option is good but it is also tricky. You have to make sure that you choose the right sized print.

Another perfect idea to bring in a change this year would be to opt for the marble and brass finish. Weather it is renovating your kitchen or making changes to your bathroom; you can never go wrong with this combination. If you want to take this idea to a different level, you can opt for brighter or differently patterned marble instead of the regular prints.

Bright colored Artesian Crafted Furniture

Investing in furniture is always a very nice way to bring in a change. If you want to give your house an artistic and vintage look, artesian crafted furniture is the right choice. The delicate work and finishes of this furniture can bring in a very different and refreshing change to your house. Apart from the traditional colors, you also have the choice of going for bright painted furniture. This will define the work and prints of the furniture and brighten up your room perfectly.

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