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Five creative ways to reprocess a salvaged door for home décor


So, you have quite a few old creaking doors left in your store room and you want to get rid of them. Well, why not reuse them in a creative manner and improve the décor of your home? Yes, there are a number of ways to do this efficiently. Check out five of them below:

Stylish Coffee Table

Your old unused door can be converted into a stylish coffee table in order to give your living room a contemporary look. Not only the top section but also the salvaged door and its different components can be used to create the side panels of the table. So, just go for this ingenious item and enjoy how your friends and family appreciate you!

Elegant Console Table

Besides coffee table, you can also create a sleek and sophisticated console table with your recovered door. Usually, small ones work better for this purpose. However, make sure that they are polished in a proper manner. Placing such a console table against one of your walls will easily give a rustic essence to your room. Moreover, you can enhance its appearance by adorning it with a classy flower vase or an antique statue.

Large Storage Center

A storage center is something that we can never get enough of. So, what about making a collective storage with old, unused doors? Well, you need regular doors for this purpose as they have expansive front walls to construct vast storage compartments. If you wish to get a bedroom storage center, convert your door components into dressers. Conversely, placing it in your backyard will help you store different types of garden tools without any hassle.

Bookshelf with Back Door

Are you a bookworm? Then this unique concept of producing a giant bookshelf by reusing salvaged door is absolutely for you. Make a strong and sturdy back by designing the door as per your requirements and store as many books as you want.

Glass Door Room Divider

If you have old glass doors that you do not find of any more use, turn them into urbane room dividers. When it comes to organizing the space of your home in a more efficient way, nothing can be better than some beautiful room dividers. A glass door can be the appropriate medium to create physical barriers between two areas thereby keeping a visual link with the surroundings through its transparent sections.


Old doors can turn out to be a wonderful medium for the improvement of your home décor. Know about how you can reuse those creaking salvaged doors in order to give your home a creative twist.


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