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Finding eco-friendly strollers

Eco-friendly strollers are made of natural or organic materials. They are healthy for your baby as well as the environment. Hence, it is a great alternative to the conventional baby strollers available in the market.

Common chemicals in conventional baby strollers

Baby strollers are made with chemicals and other materials that are a serious matter of concern. To avoid all health related problems that might affect your baby, make sure that you pay some heed to the chemicals and materials used in making baby strollers.

a. Polyurethane foam

This foam is used to make baby carriers, baby mattress, and car seat for baby. The chemicals that are present in polyurethane foam are toluene, formaldehyde, benzene, and some surfactants. All these chemicals can cause a great threat to the health of your little ones. Choose organic cotton batting and natural latex rubber in place of polyurethane foam so that the baby is not exposed to health hazards.

b. Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

PVC is commonly used in the manufacture of baby strollers. It can be used but you can surely avoid the use of PVC. This is because during the process of manufacturing and the other end process of disposal of PVC, a lot of dioxins are released. These dioxins are responsible for many health issues which include developmental, reproductive, hormonal, and neurons related problems at a later stage.

c. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)

PBDEs belong to the family of flame retardants. This chemical is employed in a number of products like baby strollers. This chemical dissolves and gets absorbed in the body of the baby which later on keeps on accumulating in the fat stores of the body and cannot get degraded. This accumulation goes on over a period of time and can create major problems related to the health including lower weight of the baby during the time of his birth, low levels of thyroid, hyperactivity, and even the deadly cancer.

Features to choose a perfect eco-friendly stroller

An eco stroller has ecofriendly features that do not harm the health of the baby and the environment as well.

a. Longevity

Make sure that you go for the options that your child can fit in and adjust well. If you make the right choice then you will not have to purchase other stroller after the child gains some length. Apart from that do make it sure that you hunt for something which is easy to carry. The stroller should occupy less space. Do not waste your money on buying many strollers, for quality material.

b. Natural fabrics

The baby strollers for the kids should be made of materials like bamboo, organic cotton, and wool as these fabrics are ecofriendly. Make it a point that all these fabrics are flame resistant and stain resistant.

c. Recyclability

If you have the option of looking for the materials that can decompose in the environment easily or those which can be recycled, then buy them. The strollers that are made of a combination of many materials like metal, wood, and plastic can be disassembled later when the baby does not need the stroller. All such kind of components can be recycled later on efficiently. And if you find something which can be recycled then it is the best thing to look out for.

d. Secondhand

Always go for the option which does not harm the environment. Buying a stroller for the baby which is secondhand is economical as well. Reusing a material just means that you are not throwing something away as a waste. It just means that you are utilizing something and preventing it from going into a landfill. Not only this, but it also means that you are saving the resources which could be used for the manufacture of the same item. There are many secondhand stores including eBay, Craigslist etc., which are the best sites where the second hand items can be purchased at cheap and affordable prices. “Once upon a child” is a famous baby store where you can find items for your baby.

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