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Excellent Headboard Design Ideas to Enhance your Bedroom’s Look

<![CDATA[A seemingly normal bed can look extravagant immediately with the help of a bold, beautiful headboard. If you are considering investing in such a headboard for your bed, then here are some excellent and really creative headboard designs you can choose from. Take your pick and see your bedroom being transformed instantly.

Fabric Headboard

Sometimes, something simple as wrapping a thick, patterned fabric over a standard headboard can create the change that you desire. In this case, opt for a fabric that has a bold color to create a style statement. Simply staple the fabric in place after wrapping it over the front of the headboard and over its edges.

Tufted Headboards

These are great additions to the bedroom and can make your bed look quite elegant. Instead of opting for the standard large sized, tufted headboard with legs, consider opting for one that is more lightweight and can be easily hung on the wall when needed.

Walled Headboards

A great way to create a headboard effect without actually opting for a headboard is to push the bed against a wall and opt for a simple artwork behind it. You can opt for free standing shelves near the bed to act as storage spaces for your books and other accessories.

Another great way to create a custom headboard for your bed is to cover the entire wall behind it with upholstered fabric. This would give a dramatic effect to the entire room.

Detailed Headboards

Sometimes all a simple headboard would need to look extraordinary is some detailing. This can be achieved in many ways, including these nails heads which can be nailed into the headboard to create an intricate pattern.

Storage Headboards

Headboards can also become more functional by doubling as storage units. For instance, you can segment a headboard to form several compartments that can be used to store collectibles. Opting for a grid like headboard like the one shown below offers the perfect storage solution for the bedroom as well as stunning backdrop for the bed.

Screen Headboards

If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for a standard headboard, consider opting for an alternative like a free standing wooden screen. Not only would this provide a great looking headboard for your bed, but it would also offer some much needed elegance to the entire room.

Thatched Grass Headboard

Another inexpensive idea for a headboard would be to use a thatched grass and cedar screen as the backdrop for your bed. The idea would also make the room connect with nature to look naturally beautiful.

Canopy Headboards

Consider investing in a canopy headboard to create a truly striking backdrop for your bed. All you would need to do to achieve this effect would be to extend the fabric from the headboard and stretch it all the way to the ceiling . This would create an instant cozy atmosphere that would make your bed stand out.

Mirror Headboards

For a really glam effect, you can consider opting for a mirrored headboard. A great way to achieve this is by sticking mirrored tiles on the space behind the bed. You can opt to cover the entire wall behind the bed with these tiles for a more dramatic effect.

Aquarium Headboard

Although a bit costly, this one takes the cake when it comes to style, extravagance and wonder. The aquarium headboard features a fully functional aquarium that has a cavity in between for the bed to fit into. The magical effect thus obtained will allow you to watch colorful fishes swim all around you as you drift off to sleep.

Custom Photo Backdrop

If nothing seems to click, simply transform the wall behind the bed into a canvas for custom art. Either paint a picture on the wall, use stencils or simply opt to arrange some photos on it in either a specific pattern or in a random manner. You can never go wrong with this idea which would make the entire room look and feel more personal.


Thinking of investing in a creative headboard design for your bed. Consider the designs mentioned above and choose your pick from the creative ideas in the list.]]>


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