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Essentials to pack for hospital when having a baby

The parents-to-be remain confused about what to carry with them while going to the hospital for delivery. If it’s their first child, then they don’t have sufficient information about the items which they require just before and after the birth of the baby. It is required that they remain acquaint with the basic information about it to avoid the unnecessary problems to occur. There are a lot of things required during the hospital visit which we overlook in excitement and joy. First of all, you must pack your luggage and baby bag in advance. You may have to rush to hospital any time after 8th month. At that time your prior packing will help you a lot. So, here are a few tips to guide you for a happy and perfect trip to hospital for welcoming your new born.

For labor

1. Photo ID proof: You’ll need it at the time of filling forms and other necessary documents of the hospital and labor room.

2. Baby birth plan: You will be required to carry the birth plan which was issued to you by your gynecologist when you got your pregnancy confirmed.

3. Eyeglasses or contact lenses: Wearing a contact lens is easier during labor because you can see your baby’s first glance clearly. Some people have problem in wearing glasses during labor. But, for the next few days in hospital you may find it difficult to keep lenses in solution and changing them every time. So, it’s recommended that you carry both.

4. Toiletry: Make a kit which includes your toothbrush, paste, hair comb, hairbands, lipbalm, talc and deodorant. Also carry your body lotion, body wash, shampoo and few make up items. You may like to use your own items and want to look good.

5. Other items: It includes two to three short sleeves or sleeveless gowns, a bathrobe, two towels, three pair of socks and two set of flat and comfortable slippers. Also carry three to four set of your undergarments. You will need a feeding gown and feeding bra. So, keep 2-3 set of them also.

6. Accessories: It includes the items which will help you in relaxing like your own pillow with cover, bedsheets (most of us avoid using hospital bedsheets), your favorite book, baby book. A laptop is a good choice to carry as you can watch movies, listen to music and connect to your relatives and friends using wireless internet.

For partner

1. Clothings and toiletries: He will also require a few set of clothes, undergarments, socks, towel, soap, shampoo, brush and paste, etc. Because he may have to stay with you all the time you are going to stay in the hospital if it is far off from your home.

2. Money: He must carry cash for the payment of hospital and change for the parking and vendors.

3. Eatables and books: He might get bored alone so books can be his best friends at that time. For munching, carry some light snacks like cookies or chocolate bars with you.

4. Digital and recording camera: Most of the private hospitals don’t object partner’s entry to the labor room. Your partner may want to capture those precious moments in his camera.

After delivery

1. List of people and their contact details to inform them with the good news.

2. Snacks to munch. You feel hungry after delivery, so you can keep light crackers, dryfruits or nuts and fruits.

3. Feeding bras and gowns. Also carry some bra pads to help in absorbing the excess milk. Carry maternity underpants and remain stocked with sanitary pads. You will need them in large amount after your delivery. Though hospital provides them but you may not be comfortable with it.

4. Baby book will help you to guide you in your small doubts and worries. And you can note down the memories of your baby’s activity in new born baby book.

5. Baby foot and hand print frame: You will like to steal the golden moments and foot and hand prints of your darling.

6. Gifts for the elder brother/sister: If it is not your first child, then buy some gifts in advance for the elder bro or sis. The older sibling starts feeling insecure with the entry of a new member in their home.

7. A outfit to go back to home will be required at the time of leaving hospital.

For baby

Many hospitals provide all the amenities for the baby but not all of them. Moreover it’s better to carry your own stuff.

1. Feeding bottle, milk powder and flask: If due to some reason you are not able to feed your baby, then it’s the most important thing that you will need soon after the delivery.

2. Toiletries: It includes baby soap, shampoo, finger brush, hair brush, nail cutter, talc, body lotion and cream.

3. Clothings: Keep five to six set of baby clothes, five-six pair of socks, booties, cap, some woolen clothes, mittens.

4. Blanket: Blanket and a small pillow for the baby are required.

5. Diapers: Carry few packs of extra small or small size diapers for the baby.

6. Car seat: If your hospital is far off from your home then it will be of a great help for you. Get them fixed in advance.

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