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Emotions and kindness: Not the virtues of humans only

<![CDATA[A mom, a dad, brothers and sisters to play with, and a community or a group to protect, such is the bond among animals. Human beings themselves can learn so much from animals that are way ahead of them in showing emotions and expressing love and affection. Love, hatred, anger, sympathy or jealousy, they know it all.  

Loving and caring

Elephants are the most considerate animals of all. They have fun together as a family; mourn when one of them dies and share responsibilities among the herd. They love, take care of their loved ones and share pain and happiness. Whenever a herd come across a skeleton of a dead elephant, each one carries a bone and hides it in bushes. (Source)

Excellent dads


Male penguin takes care of its offspring when female is away as her nutritional reserves go at minimal number during the process of laying eggs. He stays there for two months, failing which can cause death of his offspring. He is responsible for keeping the eggs warm and safe and he has to do that even without feeding. Such is the love for the family and dedication of a father that we humans can learn so much from. Research says when dads are busy hatching the eggs their testosterone level of these male penguins did not even waver when the other females are available for mating, proving them outstanding family guys. (Source)

Awesome mothers


Orangutans babies stay with their mothers until the age of two. During this period, they are dependent on their mother for almost everything. First two months are crucial for a baby orangutans and it is usually in physical contact with its mother. They stay with their mothers until they attain the age of eight that is the longest dependence period among all species. (Source  | Image)

Human like


Meerkats act as wet nurse; babysit for the dominant female’s kittens. They take care of them, as they would do for their own. They even feed kittens and train them for dangerous situations. Dominant female acts as a leader for the group and guides them through. Big families live together, share the responsibility of keeping the entire group safe, and secure from predators. (Source)

Being Social


Dolphins display a full fledges social behaviour which could certainly match humans. They stay with the injured ones taking good care of them. Be it communicating through sounds or displaying emotions through non-verbal communications, they exercise it all. They even show aggression like humans that happen for obvious reasons like for female companions or for mating. (Source | Image)

Communities and groups


Chimpanzees form their groups and communities that are small or large groups. They take care for the members of their group but also stand by each other. Family bond is always very strong among chimpanzees especially mother-daughter bond, the same way as we have in humans beings. They use gestures and different sounds to pass on messages to one another. (Image)

Family Hierarchy system


It would come as a surprise, but wolves follow a hierarchy system in family. Whereas Alpha male and female lead the pack, Beta is the couple who eventually takes their place. A lowest rank of the wolf pack is Omega. Groups may be large or small, takes care of youngsters and hunt together to feed all. Wolves are extremely intelligent, learn things quickly and express human like emotions. (Source)]]>


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