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7 Unusual people with unbelievable abilities

<![CDATA[Some people are really born with some unusual abilities and some develop some such charismatic abilities that leave everyone speechless.  You call it a god-gift or their destiny but their special talents have got them all popularity and love from people all over the world.

The magnet man


Do you lose your TV remote control every five minutes? Or Do you find it difficult to get a knife in your kitchen full of stuff?  Muhibija Buljubasic from Bosnia must not be dealing with such issues. He radiates a special energy to stick objects to his face and some other parts of his body, a fact that makes it more human like. He can easily stick a remote control, knife, spoons, mobile phone and practically all the objects made of plastic, glass or wood. He is now 56 year old and says that he realized his ability five years ago. He does not need some special preparation to stick the objects. Is he a human or a walking super magnet? (Source)

The eye -popping man

You can surely scare kids away when you pop your eyes out a little when angry but what if someone is a real pro at it. Claudio Pintoo can pop his both eyes almost one and half inch out which is almost 4 cm. He is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and is all set to make a world record. Doctors also say that it can simply be a god gift as they have never ever seen such ability on a human body. (Source)

Real life Aqua man

40-year old Stig Severinsen from Denmark has the ability to hold his breath for unimaginable 22 minutes under water. A native of Denmark, Stig has beaten his own record of 20 minutes and 10 seconds under water, which he had made four years ago in 2010. He holds a PhD degree in medicine and is popular among his friends as an extreme sports lover. (Source)

The iceman

“The Iceman”, Wim Hof does not feel cold even in freezing temperature. He climbed the mount of Kilimanjaro in his shorts that got him famous and earned him the title of “The iceman”. He says that through meditation, he has achieved the unachieveable and has run marathons barefoot over freezing snow. He has developed an inner strength to control his autonomic nervous system and immune responses that he says are the gifts of meditation itself. (Source)

Stretch the skin


You can stretch your skin a little, but Garry has it down to a superpower. Britain’s Garry Turner has the ability to stretch his skin to a length of 15.8 centimeters. Actually, Garry is suffering from a disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. However, quite surprisingly his disorder got him a space in Gunnies World Records. (Source)

Kill the bull dare

Going up against a fiery bull does not sound fun for sure. However, Masutatsu Oyama who died in 1994 was world renowned for his martial arts. He was really someone as powerful as a superhero. He fought 52 bulls and killed three of them with a single blow. How cool is that? (Source | Image)

World’s widest mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim can stretch his mouth so wide that you actually feel anything can get into that big mouth. Fitting a can of coco-cola into your mouth is not fun or is it? (Source)]]>

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