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Effects of undeveloped parental relationship on the maturation process

undeveloped parental relationship

Parenting a child is always a challenging role. At every stage of a child’s growth and development, the parents’ relationship is the foundation of a healthy maturation. To build and also strengthen a good parent-child relationship, it is crucial for parents to put in extra efforts as gone are those days when parents particularly the father adopted strict means to discipline their little child.

New parenting challenges

For the present generation parents, their child is their utmost priority. Both the mom and dad desire to give their little one the finest of everything, be it clothing, food, education or even health care and wanting them to prosper and be blessed with a bright future. Even though one’s responsibility of parenting is amongst the most gratifying, it is also largely nerve wracking. No matter whether you are parenting first or fifth child, parenting always presents new challenges. A child’s maturation to a large extent rests on the type and quality of relationship he/she has with their parents. Thus, the better the affiliation, the better are the chances of the child to be more mature and self-confident.

Communicate love

Parents should share their thoughts and the type of work they do with their child. It is always good to have more conversation with the child as possible. In this modern era, parents remain occupied with household chores and office work. However, it is vital to investing their time for the augmentation the family life. Every child requires love and special treatment and it is key responsibility of parents to make them feel so and boost their confidence. It is parents’ unconditional love for their children, which is undeniably the most pivotal message for conveying to any child as positive messages aids in developing confidence, validation and self-esteem.

Excessive freedom is the license to destruction

A healthy parent-child association needs a set of rules coupled for better consequences. Allowing excessive freedom to the child is never a way of conveying love, but it is rather a license for destroying their lives. If parents truly care for their little one, they should definitely set clear rules and ensuring that they are strictly adhere to it. Always giving into the demands of the child is akin to asking drug addicts for protecting a pharmacy.

Child abuse and its detrimental effects

A child exposed to household violence on a regular basis is likely to develop a couple of problems, particularly neurological problems, antisocial and hostile behavior or withdrawn. A child from an abusive household, including physical, medical or mental abuse, has higher chances of engaging in risky behavior, such as skipping school, drug use, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and smoking. Thus, parents should never indulge in child abuse, as this is likely to have a negative impact on their development abilities and maturation.

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