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Designers have now come up with the eco-friendly shoe. They have a lesser impact on the environment and are good for you too.

Why to buy them :

The average woman in the U.S. buys three pairs of shoes a year and keeps 17 in the closet. Most old shoes end up at the landfill, where they aren’t likely to biodegrade. And since shoes have to hold up to real wear and tear, many of them are held together with harsh glues. To produce cheap shoes, petroleum-based plastics and heavy metal dyes are often used, with potentially harmful effects on workers, many of whom aren’t paid well.

It’s good that designers and manufacturers are now taking up the challenge of creating tough, durable shoes that have a lighter footprint on the planet, from production to disposal. Fashion trends temp us to buy the latest styles each season, but we should be focused just on the opposite. Spending a bit more on shoes that will last for years is cheaper in the long run, better for the environment and more comfortable for you.

What to look for in eco shoes:
> Recycled and sustainable materials
> Stitching, rather than glue
> Vegetable-dyed materials
> Durable, long lasting and repairable shoes
> Companies that make known environmental policies transparently

These are few companies which make eco-friendly shoes.

El Naturalista

El Naturalista makes men’s and women’s shoes that are made via a very exhaustive code of company conduct. They use heavy metal-free leather that they developed themselves, recycled linings and other eco-sensitive materials in their production and the company is committed to ensuring its workers have a better life. Besides fair wages, which are guaranteed, the people who make El Naturalista’s shoes are encouraged to meet and organize and part of the profits from the company are dedicated to “humanitarian work through its Atauchi social Project, and works with disadvantaged populations by promoting initiatives that improve education as a fundamental pillar of development.”

Naya Women’s Shoes

Naya shoes are a part of Naturalizer, and they adhere to their parent company’s reputation for comfort, while creating pretty styles that are thoughtfully made. Vegetable-tanned leathers and water-based corks ,cork footbeds, recycled fabrics and recycled packaging keep energy use and other impacts lower than mass-market shoes. With colorful sandals, platform wedges, and flats for summer, and booties and pumps for autumn and winter, there are plenty of attractive choices.


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