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Eco-sensitive décor ideas that make a great impression

When it comes to decorating homes, nobody wants to compromise on the style and designs. However, there are many people who also want to keep their decoration friendly to the environment. While they may think that green décor can be low on style, it is not the case anymore. Now, the reduce/reuse/recycle formula can be used in a way that is easy on the eyes. You can grab some inviting décor stuff that not only spruces up your house, but also reduces your carbon footprint. Check out here some tips on making wiser décor choices.

Choose cost-effective items for green décor

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There are various options available in eco-friendly furniture and décor items. While some of these options may be expensive, you should go for those that fit your budget and still look beautiful. For this purpose, you may visit a green store that offers items made of recycled and sustainable materials. You should only buy décor items that are really required in your home. Remember that you may reuse several existing items in your home by giving them a fresh feel. Else, you may also purchase pre-owned furniture to save money.

Use eco-friendly paints

Ceiling paint

Instead of changing the entire décor of your rooms, you may also choose to repaint the walls using eco-friendly paints. This can also refresh the looks of your place and save the impact on the environment. You may pick up clay-based paints that are greener. Additionally, make sure that you are using a paint that does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs emit gases to pollute your home environment. You should also use water instead of solvents that are petroleum based.

Use natural fabrics

Use natural fabrics

While selecting bedding, sofa covers, curtains or drapes for your home, buy fabrics made of natural organic fibers. You may choose cotton, bamboo and linen stuff for your room. However, keep your comfort and opt for bright and attractive fabric designs that suit the overall décor of your place. Now days, you may get wonderful prints in all types of fabrics.

Be creative with refinishing or reuse

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Sometimes, even a refinish can save you from buying new green furniture. If you already have some eco-friendly furniture and décor items, then you may also think of refinishing them using zero-VOC paints. This can actually transform the looks of your home in a cost-effective manner. If you are planning to reuse some items, then you should try to be creative in your approach. For example, you may be reusing a glass jar as a vase. In such a case, you may add some pebbles or seashells to your jar to give it a more appealing look.

Go for energy-efficient decoration

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Try ideas like creating a water wall on a window from where you receive proper sunlight. You do not need to spend too much on this wall. It can be easily made using glass jars and colored water. Now, its water may not let the heat spread inside the room during the day. It will absorb heat to keep your place cooler. In addition, it will give an amazing look to your room. Thus, you get a great element that is decorative, as well as energy saving.

Make use of non-toxic items

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While buying small décor items like figurines, wall clocks or artwork, try to ensure that you buy them in greener materials. You may go for bamboo, jute, reclaimed wood or stainless steel items that are all safe for the environment and give a classic look to your place.

An eco-friendly approach can bring excellent décor to your house. The need is to choose some cheap yet attractive stuff made of recycled materials. You may also try innovative ideas like painting and furniture finish to save an entire design revamp.


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