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Celebs who keep great looks even without stylists

When we look at celebs, we wish to have their stylist. Almost all the celebs are dependent on their stylist for stunning looks, but there are few others who do not rely on them but like to style themselves on their own. It is sometimes hard to believe that celebs that are so busy in their lifestyle have takes out time for styling themselves, but actually, they do.

Following are some celebs that style themselves and do it really well.

Kate Moss

Image Source : TheWowStyle.Com

Looking at this supermodel, you will see that Kate Moss follows a style of her own. Kate Moss is one of the best-dressed celebs of Hollywood and she needs no stylist to do that. In daily life, she chooses to wear clothes of her own choice. As she has cultivated her own style, it has made her one of those celebs that do not like to rely upon their stylist for anything. While Kate is on shooting, she needs no stylist, but only her to do all the styling. Developing own style and making it popular all over the world is not an easy task, which Kate has managed to do really well.

Diane Kruger

Image Source : NdsStatic.Com

Former model and now actor, Diane Kruger is not afraid to experiment with her clothing and style. Whether Diane has stylist or no stylist, it never worries her. Diane knows all the tricks and tips to style herself. She knows what looks good on her and every time we see her, she just carries every style with grace and elegance. Hardly any outfit does not look good on Diane. She can shine away in any outfit that many stars would not think of getting in. Whenever we see Diane, she is always confident and fearless about what she is wearing and that is what makes her look different from others.

Marion Cotillard

Image Source : FanPop.Com

If you have ever seen a French woman, you will see a class and elegance in their style. French actor Marion Cotillard is one of those celebs that represent style with elegance. All the dresses that she wears is simply amazing and makes her more attractive and beautiful. As this celeb like to style herself, she knows what suits her and what not. Most of the times we can see her in long glamorous gowns and those flirty frocks that makes her look gorgeous. Those long gowns just add elegance and style to her style, which looks amazing. She always keep her fashion to minimum which also looks great.

January Jones

Image Source : Wallpapers111.Com

Famous American actor January Jones is best known for her role in Betty Draper in a TV show, which gained her all the popularity. Most of her fashion is inspired from the late ‘60s. As this blonde actor is mostly seen in those backless gowns, which are styled by her most of the times. Although the actor does not like to rely upon her stylist, she still manages to look stunning like always.

Blake Lively

Image Source : EWallPaperHub.Com

Blake has an amazing style, for which she does not have to depend upon her stylist. With her unique and different style, she looks amazing and gorgeous. When she started her career as actor, she was not good with her fashion. Now, as she has spent some years in the industry, she has grown with her styling. Now she needs no stylist to do her styling as she does everything on her own.

Sure stylists can create stunning looks for the celebs, but there are handfuls of celebs that have expertise in styling themselves. Some stars just do well on their own and hardly need any stylist to make them look beautiful.


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