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Eco-Devils: Gorgon Project – Grisly gorge for Australia’s Barrow Island

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Not feeling content in approving the Gorgon Project alone, the Aussie government has some more evil designs in mind. It’s going to introduce 4 more projects in the region. Since all know how serious Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell can be on the impositions laid by the Environment Minister, the 28 environmental conditions are bound to go unobserved for sure. While the project will benefit these petro-giants, it will bring desolateness for the island and its marine wealth.

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Once famous for its wildlife heritage, the pristine Barrow Island has suffered a lot in hands of the oil extractors. Soon, you won’t see flat spinifex grasslands, kangaroos, green turtles, dugong, black-and-white fairy-wren, white-winged fairy-wren, perentie, golden bandicoot, osprey, and all anymore since these are most prone to extinction. As WWF’s senior policy officer on oceans and coasts, Paul Gamblin, has already aired concerns on significant damage to the island’s 20 endangered species, it is much sensible to move such projects to the mainland.

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Though the plan involves Carbon Capture & Storage, the technology isn’t yet fully developed to restrict emissions to a safe haven. In case there’s any leak, it will create havoc to the marine species including flora and fauna as well. Hence, the natural reserve will always remain a subject to the imminent disaster. Eventually, the amazing endeavor might develop some leaks as over 120 million tons of CO2 may find an outlet to seep through.

The Australian government is surely eying the monetary gains from this multi-billion game. But, will it make up for the deteriorating wildlife? I suppose, not!

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