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Easy ways to save water in your home

ways to save water in your home

Cutting down on your household water consumption is not just a matter of being more planet conscious but can also help you cut down significantly on your water bills every month. If you are serious about lowering the water consumption of your household, you should consider the following tip.

1. Bathe instead of showering

An average bath requires between 30 and 50 gallons of water while a short shower of 4 minutes uses around 20 gallons of water even when using a low flow showerhead. However, scrubbing yourself completely clean in just 4 minutes can be a very tough ask which is why you should consider using a bathtub instead of showering.

2. Skip the dishwasher

Dishwashers are among the biggest water hogging appliances in any house. Washing dishes in the sink can help you save tremendous amounts of water each day. Just fill up one sink with hot water and soap and soak dishes in it to kill bacteria before scrubbing and rinse them with cold water in the other sink.

3. Hand wash smaller clothes

It is virtually impossible to fully load a front loading washing machine which means that you are wasting a lot of water when you do laundry. To avoid this wastage, you can hand wash a few clothes like t shirts, undergarments, tops, dresses, small covers, socks etc. Use a small bucket to soak the clothes in water and detergent when you need to wash one or two items or you can fill up a bath tub and use it for soaking larger loads of laundry.

4. Upgrade your toilet’s flush

Most old toilets don’t come with water saving options which is why you should consider installing a new flushing system for your old toilet. This will allow you to flush using less water.

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