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Easy ways to make your home a greener place to live

The world is reeling under the pressure of global warming, pollution and improper waste management. Which is why more homes are turning towards greener living by adopting several approaches to reduce their carbon footprints. If you are thinking of doing the same, then here are some simple but very effective ways in which you can green up your home.


Opt for natural lighting

Why use artificial lights during the daytime when you can let in the sun to light up your home naturally? Open windows to let in the sunlight during the day for this would let you save up on your utility bills. For rooms that do not have ample sunlight, opt for low cost LEDs that are environmental friendly too. You can also opt for solar lights near driveway, doorstep, garden and yard in order to light up these places in the nighttime. These bulbs would not cost you much, and would not be detrimental for the environment as well.

Choose year round decors

Instead of changing your home décor with every season, opt for year round, green decors that would work well for all seasons. For instance, you can opt for removable window screens you can put up during winter to keep the cold out, and remove during spring to let the fresh air and sunlight in. Attaching colorful curtains on windows would also enable you to open the windows during the summer season to let some cool breeze into the home without letting too much of the sunlight in though.

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Select durable furniture

Furniture that stands the test of time would be more cost effective for you in the long run. It would also mean lesser chemicals added to the dumps in terms of old décor and furniture. So opt for furniture made of durable materials like mahogany or cedar which would remain strong for years to come. They do not contain chemicals that would harm humans, and are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to polish them once in a while to restore their look.

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Opt for outdoor fun

Turning the backyard into a playground of sorts would prompt your family members to enjoy more time outdoors during summer, thereby saving you money on energy utilization. Set up some wooden swings for the kids, a few lounging chairs, a table and maybe a barbeque in the backyard. This way, you can cook your food outdoors and have some quality fun time with your family without utilizing too much energy.


Grow plants

Come summer and your air conditioner will start running in full blast. As winter approaches, you would switch over to the heater, making sure it keeps on running the entire day to keep your house and family members warm. A greener way to achieve both objectives would be to plant some trees around the house. This way, you would get plenty of shade to keep you cool in the summer. It would also stop strong winds from reaching your house during the winter season, thereby minimizing the need for you to keep the heater working.


Garden not only adds to the beauty but also creates a lively environment around your home.Here are some of the most common approaches that you can try to make your home livelier in just a few days.


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