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Five kitchen gadgets/tools for healthy cooking

There are many kitchen gadgets that appear to be simple technology, but are loads of fun and provide great assistance for healthy cooking. They are cost-effective, help reduce wastage and appropriate for the health conscious people. Here are five kitchen gadgets for healthy cooking:

20120806-ssshowdown-101-mason-jars-600x411Mason Jars

Mason jars serve multiple uses within the kitchen and home as vase for fresh flowers, pickle or jam container, store leftover food in the refrigerator or carry meals to work or school among other things. They are easy to clean and do not come with an expiry date. In addition, you do not have to be worried about the strange flavors that come from plastic containers. Their airtight lids keep foods fresh for long days and they come in beautiful patterns to beautify the shelves.


Pyrex Measuring Cup

It is a measuring cup that can be used to quantify ingredients for salads, cakes, biscuits, curries etc. The cup is durable and ideal for adjusting measurements for precision cooking. Since the cup has a smooth surface, one can pour out the entire content without much wastage by simply scooping the sides for leftover.


Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets rank as must-have cooking companions which are enduring and go on to become family heirlooms. They ensure even cooking of foods and can be used for baking breads, cakes or biscuits and cooking meat without compromising on the original flavors. They come in various sizes to accommodate different cooking requirements and are easy to clean and maintain.


Cheese Grater

The cheese grater is a sturdy companion that can handle all types of cheese, be it cheddar, mozzarella or cottage cheese. They can also be used for grating vegetables such as onions, carrots or cucumbers for salads and soups. Although cheese may be tricky to remove, the grater does not carry stains, if you give it a good scrub and run water from tap on it.


Microplane Zester/Grater

A very uncomplicated and interesting gadget, the unassuming Microplane zester/ grater is a great tool for zesting citrus fruits like lemons, lime and oranges. It can also be used for grating ginger and garlic into fine particles to blend its flavor with the food and grate hard cheese or nutmeg. It is easy to clean and comfortable to handle so that you can zest or grate directly into the food.


If you love cooking and are conscious about the health of your family members, there is a range of cooking tools or gadgets available that not only makes cooking easy but also ensures the hygiene in the kitchen. All you need to do is choose the right ones for your kitchen.

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